Inspection photos: Take 2

First, the “nice” versions of the pictures from Presto’s actual inspection last week:







But since the weather was so gross that day, Michelle was pretty bummed at how the pictures came out. She’s got a nice camera and takes actual good pictures (unlike, um… me) so she wanted to redo the whole thing. Especially since the boys are about to enter the weanling uglies, from which there is no return for like… years, really. This might be the last chance to get nice pictures before all of their parts start to look like they don’t belong on the same horse.

So as soon as the weather cleared up and the farm dried out, she braided Presto back up, and did a “redo” of the inspection photos. And these definitely came out much better. It’s amazing how much difference THE SUN (and a cooperative baby horse) makes.


it also would have been great if he had shown THIS TROT at the inspection 
or this trot
Always talking
So. Much. Sass.
He remembered he’s an eventer
I think his stride will be long enough…



Maybe I’m biased (I’m not) but he’s so cute. I continue to be really thrilled with how he’s maturing, and the quality of horse that I’m seeing. He’s just about everything I could have asked for in an event horse, so far.

Someone remind me of that in a few months when he looks like a giraffellamapotamus.

Presto also had something else SUPER EXCITING happen to him this week, but we’ll talk about that in another post.

19 thoughts on “Inspection photos: Take 2

  1. ummm she deserves a medal. SHE REBRAIDED THE BAD PRESTO? WOW. what a friend. He is adorable in all the photos and I don’t think Michelle can take a bad photo. I hope you spoil her well. HA HA HA

    he is freaking gorgeous. And I can see how he is really lengthening out. I see some coming yearling uglies up ahead 😉 HAA HAA at least the sass will still be there right??


  2. He is gorgeous. And Michelle is an angel for taking another round of pics!
    Yeah, I can see him looking awkward in the months to come. But I think he will grow up to be stunning. His gaits are impressive and I am still astonished that his bad start in life hasn’t had more influence on his growing..
    And the sass…admit it, you need a sassy horse and would miss something if your horses weren’t giving you the epic side eye…


  3. Presto and Sadie, gorgeous horses. You thrive with horses with big personalities– so you both have a happy life together-stink eye to stink eye. Michelle has another career taking photos, if that whole horse thing gets old for her.
    Thank you for sharing your blog, I always laugh and its educational with a twist of feisty.


  4. He’s just the cutest. It really is amazing what a difference the sunshine makes. I think maybe Henry told Presto that the inspection is akin to a dressage only show and therefore, one must not show off the good trot. Kids are already plotting against you!


  5. Do you squee every time you look at him knowing he’s yours and you “designed” him? ‘Cause he’s gorgeous and I know I would, hell, I do when you post haha.


  6. These pictures are so lovely. Ah I searched and retraced the previous owners of my boys in the hope of a foal pic but they didn’t have one.


    The one of him having a little buck is gorgeous mate

    Mel x


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