Tucci Boots: First Impressions 

So, I’ve had the Tucci’s for over two months now, and while I think it’s too soon to do a full review, I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I think of them.

Short answer: I love them, for lots of reasons. First, because they’re friggin beautiful. I wanted something that was a little different without being too outlandish, and I think these fit the bill perfectly. From far away they look like regular boots… it’s not until you get up close that you notice the navy tops and the wingtip toes. I also like the shape of the toe: square but not TOO square. I really don’t like the look of a rounded toe (ok I hate them), but sometimes when they’re too square it looks ridiculous. To me this shape is the perfect balance, lending even more to the modern and sleek look. A couple of people were dubious about having to keep all those little punched holes clean, but honestly I just added a toothbrush to my boot polishing kit and it takes all of 10 extra seconds to clean those out. Not a big deal at all. Totes worth it.

I’m lucky in that I did not require full customs to get a custom fit. I’m a fairly average size, plus Tucci has a TON of size combinations, so those two things combined saved me from having to go the full custom route. Mine are just considered semi-custom, since I ordered them with a navy top… they’re the Marilyn model, so the wingtip toe and the fancy punched top come standard on those. It was pretty simple to get fitted to figure out my size, and I then just ordered the standard Tucci Marilyn but with a navy top from Luxe EQ. I did order them quite tall on purpose, because I can’t stand a tall boot that’s even a hair too short. I have chunky thighs, super tall boots help my leg look longer and slimmer. Don’t judge.


The thing about Tucci’s is that they are pretty ruggedly made boots. If you like your boots Parlanti soft, almost glove-like, you won’t like these. They aren’t stiff, but the leather is legit, and it’s meant to take a beating and last a long time. I personally prefer this type of leather… not just for longevity, but also because it doesn’t wrinkle on the calf, which gives a much smoother look. It took me about a week to break them in and get them to drop enough to where I could actually snap them behind the knee, which I thought was reasonable break-in time. During all that, they were never uncomfortable to walk in, just a bit tight in the calf and over my instep. Both stretched perfectly, and now these things really fit like custom. My only complaint is that I think the strap behind the knee could be a smidge longer, maybe just 1/4″.

As far as practical design elements, I’m also super pleased. The elastic panel really helps give them that nice close fit. No stovepipe legs or cankles here! Fully lined is also a must for me these days, I’ve had much more luck with fully lined boots lasting a lot longer. It’s perhaps slightly less of a close feel than that of an unlined boot, but to me personally the difference is negligible, so I’d rather have the lining than not.

They’re made in Italy and the design features were obviously well thought out. My favorite feature is their snap system. Zippers that won’t stay up seems to be a pretty common problem with tall boots, especially as they get older. I’ve had a couple brands that had a little slot on the strap in the back to thread the zipper through, but 1) that takes effort, 2) it didn’t always work. The Tucci’s have a snap tab on the zipper that snaps to the strap at the back of the knee, locking everything securely in place. Snaps are a lot easier than threading stuff through a hole.


It’s also got a spur guard strap at the bottom, which I like to help stabilize and protect both the zippers and the spurs, and spur rests on each side of the zipper.

Underneath that, on the inside of the zipper, it has a lightly padded heel guard to protect the back of your ankles from rubbing or pressing from the zipper. This feature is a MUST HAVE for me with boots these days… so far every pair I’ve had with them have been significantly more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

And, comfort-wise, I haven’t been disappointed. Once they dropped a bit and molded to my legs, they were super comfortable and have remained that way. I’ve worn them aaaaallll day for lessons and shows, even walked XC in them, and never had a blister or sore spot.

So far, I’m really happy with them. Aesthetically they’re everything I wanted, and they’re giving me the impression that they’ll be super durable. Time will tell in that department. For now though, I have no complaints! Except now I want a brown pair…

13 thoughts on “Tucci Boots: First Impressions 

  1. My trainer has Tucci’s and I LOVE the snap on the zipper tab. I don’t understand why they don’t all have that. These boots are gorgeous. I’m cut off from every getting boots again, but they’re on the list for when I might have some kind of emotional breakdown.


  2. that snap for the zipper is calling my name but i wont ever spend that much for boots but what a brilliant idea. And those boots look just in good in person even if she has been wearing them all day (Can vouch for that). Great review!! Yes you might need a brown pair now 🙂


  3. OOOOO the zipper tab is GENIUS!! And I love the spur guard on the heel as well as the protection inside the zipper.

    The wingtip is just gorgeous. So glad they’re holding up and comfortable so far!


  4. Lovely!! Do you mind sharing how much they ran you with the extra customizations? Any idea what a custom height would add to the price? I always like to know what my boot options are when it comes to quality ones like these!


  5. If you like the feel of the Parlanti but need something more durable and something that will hold its shape and not drop or get loose around your calf, then Tucci also do a “show boot leather”, this leather is thinner than their standard leather but not as thin as Parlanti so gives you the perfect balance between a boot that is supremely comfortable with a short break in time and which holds its form and shape and lasts. I highly recommend this option. For professionals riding multiple horses a day, I would recommend either the standard leather or the show boot leather, with the extra option of E-Tec on the inside of the boots which will stop them wearing on the insides.


  6. I noticed on the tucci size chart (for example) it goes 33’5-35.
    Do you know why this is the case, and do they fit to size?


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