The Liam and Presto Bromance

It’s true that these kids have been friends since pretty much the day Presto got out of the hospital, but the older they get, the cuter the bromance becomes.

just a little nomnom

Sadie grew up as an “only foal” in a herd of predominantly mares. The only other horse I saw her play with for a long time was her mom, who really just stood there and took the abuse that is a baby being rambunctious. Watching these two colts interact and have fun being babies together is pretty awesome, especially because they’re basically inseparable.

Liam helping medicate Presto


They seem to spend most of their time in close proximity, whether it be playing in the sprinklers, snoozing, biting and chasing each other, or just exploring.  If you want a picture that contains just one of them, you’re probably gonna have to zoom in. When they went up to the vet clinic last week, Liam and Presto neighed for each other, pretty much ignoring their moms. These dudes are very much BFFs.

The fam

Rory has been in with them for a few weeks now, and at first her dam wouldn’t let her go anywhere near those hooligan boys. Now she’s relaxed about it a bit, and while Rory definitely isn’t “one of the guys” yet, she’s at least started to socialize with them some.

Laken keeping that girl away from the riff-raff
the riff-raff are persistent, though

Despite how it may look, Presto seems to be the instigator of the two. You would think that if you’d been a bit sickly you would not go out of your way to pick play-fights with the baby equine version of The Incredible Hulk, but noooo… Presto seems to live for it. He likes to plan little sneak attacks and then quickly vacate the premises when he realizes he’s out-matched. Sometimes I look at pictures of them playing and start to feel a little sorry for Presto, until I remember that there’s a 99% chance he brought it on himself. The kid has no fear, I’ll definitely give him that!

don’t be fooled by that innocent face
how it starts
how it develops
how it ends

Not long after Presto got home, Michelle went out to check on them one night and found them both asleep side by side. They’d been separated for a week or so and seemed genuinely glad to be back together. If that’s not cute, I don’t really know what is. Two baby peas in a pod, these nuggets.


On one hand this a bromance that I never want to break up. On the other hand, once they’re weaned they’ll be going their separate ways in life no matter what, because that’s just the way things go. But for now they get to enjoy being babies, and the very bestest of friends.

or at least the very bestest of scratching posts

17 thoughts on “The Liam and Presto Bromance

  1. I’m sitting at work, internally squee’ing at the top of my lungs. I seriously just cannot handle all of the cute involved here.


  2. I was hoping that Joey and Chunk would be besties here, but, while they play together a lot, they’re pretty lazy and will just nip at each other briefly then go back to their respective mothers. If I’m there, Joey picks me over Chunk, which is flattering, but doesn’t make for cute baby pictures very often. The baby donkey on the other hand…she’s wild. haha


  3. Our first born TJ was an only foal. He lived with his mother and the open broodmare until he was weaned. And then we turned him out with my sister’s elder statesman — he wasn’t retired, but he was tolerant, sometimes playful but wouldn’t put up with crap. That last part was important because TJ grew over 17 and was a monster at 2. Before TJ was 3, my sister moved to Houston with her horse. 3 years later, I head to her barn in Houston for a clinic with Michelle Gibson and I took TJ with me. TJ was stabled close to the arena next to my PSG mare and was quiet, easy going. All of a sudden, he goes BANANAS in his stall screaming and bucking with joy — we look over and the guys were walking my sister’s horse past the clinic barn to turn out. He KNEW it was his old buddy. They nickered and talked. It was incredible and sweet. We hand grazed them together frequently that weekend. They never forget their BFFs.


  4. I imagine their dialogue to be similar to the movie Black Beauty. I have a love/hate relationship with that movie, but for some reason they remind me of it. So stinking cute!


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