Henny and the Anaconda 

I really didn’t intend for this to be Henny Drama week, but ya know… if the shoe fits…

who, me???

A couple weeks ago I tied Henry at the washrack and walked over to turn the hose on. As soon as I did that I heard scrambling, turned around, and my horse was no longer attached where I had left him. He’d sat back and somehow wiggled completely out of his halter within all of 2 seconds. Weird behavior for him, he ties very reliably, but he’s also kind of dumb so I figured something just startled him and didn’t think much more of it.

Then two days later, same thing happened again, except this time he broke my gorgeous Kentucky Bridleworks halter. Luckily it was at the end of the strap so it’s still usable, but… still. He broke it. This is why you can’t have nice things, horse. I tied him back up and proceeded to bathe him, and he continued to be 100% terrified of…

wait for it…

Image result for hose meme


The same hose I’ve been using for like 6 months now. Plus, ya know, he’s 10. He’s seen plenty of hoses in his life. But obviously it is an anaconda of the Henny-eating variety.

OMG it’s looking at me, isn’t it?

The next day I took him over to the other washrack, thinking maybe I was just missing something in the first washrack with my human eyes. Surely he wasn’t really that scared of the hose. But no, same snorting and staring sideways at that hose (sorry – anaconda) too. Obviously Henry now thinks that all hoses are deadly.

My best guess is that he came across a snake in his pasture and is feeling hyperaware of anything snakelike right now. We did see a big fat grass snake cross our path a few weeks ago when we were out hacking in the back forty, and even though his turnout is the one closest to the barn, I have no doubt that there are some snakes out there too. I know a rat snake lives under the office… maybe that’s the one he’s seen? Either way, he’s pretty convinced that hoses fall into the same category of slithery danger.


On one hand I have to roll my eyes at him, because my goodness horse IT’S A FREAKING HOSE. On the other hand, I kind of don’t mind him being super wary of anything snakelike near his feet. I’ve had a horse bitten by a rattlesnake before and it’s fun for precisely NO ONE, so if his reaction to all things snake is to get the hell out of dodge, I’m ok with that. So for now I’m not tying him in the washrack (because if he breaks my halter again I might have to beat him with it. I kid. Or do I?), and I have to be slow and deliberate about how I pull the hose around near Henry’s feet. Hey, maybe he knows something I don’t. Or maybe he’s just kinda dumb. Jury’s still out.

24 thoughts on “Henny and the Anaconda 

  1. Funny, only because my horse did the exact same thing last night. He was fine and then he wasn’t and now my halter is broken. I think it was the hose because I walked down to the hydrant to turn it on, but then he freaked out again while I was rinsing him off. Horses.

    Can you get a new crown piece for your halter?


      1. Totally understand that. Dexter broke my (at the time) 11 year old leather halter that I got as a year end horse show award. I couldn’t justify spending $40.00 on a new crown piece for an essentially free halter. Fortunately (unfortunately?) For me, the halter he broke last night doesn’t appear to be fixable.


  2. My guy is unflappable in the barn and wash stall, even when I have managed to get his legs wrapped in the hose he just looks at me like ‘stupid human’. But, slide the hose by him in the aisle when he’s on the cross ties? It’s a demon snake from hell and he freaks out. He’s broken off the cross ties repeatedly from this and now the barn crew know to be cautious when doing waters. I always assumed it was because he’s an Irish horse 😀 So Henry, Duke commiserates with you totally!


  3. i have to giggle but to be fair snakes scare the snot out of me too….soooooooooooooooooo i would keep an eye out for hoses as well 🙂 Poor Henry so MISUNDERSTOOD.


  4. Oh lord. Snakes are everywhere at my place right now, so that’s very plausible. Thankfully mine have yet to develop irrational fears of the hose, but Copper’s that magical 10 number as well and neurotic af right now, so nothing surprises me…


  5. My boy, Mort, will sometimes do stuff like this. He’ll go forever without an issue with the extension cord for clipping but every once in a while it’s probably out to get him and he must be convinced not to leave with treats.


  6. Poor Henry. I bet he did spy a(n actual) snake and is hyper-vigilant now. Had a non trailer loading boarder once try to stomp a water moccasin passing through the paddock, who got bit several times on one of his hinds. The swelling was insane – to where he almost sloughed his hoof. Plus im antibiotics with the giant gauge needle…


  7. Can you get a new halter?? Before bathing my old horse I kink the hose with my hand then wash her.


  8. Bummer about the halter! When I took my aunt out trail riding last week a huge snake slithered by her and my trusty old QH packer gave it some side eye but walked on like a champ, haha. Thankfully Cinna and I were ahead of them on the trail, I really don’t want to know what her reaction would have been!


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