No Black Dot

Sadie was bred back to Mighty Magic on April 30 and all looked good. Same batch of frozen semen that Presto came from, she ovulated, the timing was right, etc. But when she was scanned on Monday, there was no pretty little black dot. She just didn’t take. Horses… that’s how they work. Disappointing, but it happens all the time. They’re fickle creatures.

Presto is training to be a vet tech

And of course not only was she not in foal, but her cycle was such that she’d be ready to try again on Wednesday (yesterday). That was a mere two days from Monday. And there was no more Mighty Magic semen on site yet. Oops. Instead of doing the super frantic dance of trying to ship frozen semen overnight (omg logistical nightmare) the decision was made to try the remaining dose of Diarado that was left in the tank.

Image result for Diarado hengst
not a bad Plan B

Image result for Diarado

He’s kind of a badass and he’s produced a lot of hunters (and jumpers, and eventers), so Michelle thought it was worth a shot and I totally agree! Big Diarado fan right here, I think he and Sadie could make a pretty fantastic derby horse together. Plus he doesn’t have a red gene, which is always a bonus in my mind especially when you have a plain mare.

So we’ll see in a couple weeks if she’s pregnant this time. Hopefully so… she’s a much happier mare when she’s pregnant (and the people around her are much happier too)!

28 thoughts on “No Black Dot

  1. Bummer town, but this is shaping up to be pretty nice! My mare did not take the first go round either and when she did on the second…twins. Here is to getting just one black dot!


  2. Oh bummer. Backup baby daddy is not too shabby though! These are the only kind of pregnancy tests I hope are positive! Come on Sadie get knocked up!


    1. Yeah that one would actually be 110% up your alley. The Diarado’s are SO ammy friendly! I know tons of them across all 3 jumping disciplines and they’re just such nice, pleasant horses.

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        1. You should see all the videos of Diarado babies that I was watching the other day. It was like “Hello I’m a stunning junior hunter” “Oh hi I love packing my ammy around the 1.40m jumpers” “Greetings I’m an Intermediate level eventer for funsies”. Like… horse after horse after horse after horse…


  3. I would love to see a Presto Version 2.0 but i think whatever you guys get will be a A-okay!! Maybe next year we can get a Presto clone 🙂 HA HA HA the world may not be ready for two of them for sure 🙂


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