Review: Kentucky Bridleworks leather halter

Just like bourbon and thoroughbreds, it’s hard to compete with Kentucky when it comes to leather halters.


This beautiful creature is from a relatively new company called Kentucky Bridleworks. As the name implies, they are made right here in the USA in Lexington, Kentucky from American steerhide. The construction is very classic, with wide sturdy leather, a rolled throat, double buckle crown, and English chin. What these particular halters have that’s a bit different is a trigger snap at the throat, which you can swivel to face in or out, and it’s probably my favorite feature. It’s much more sturdy, and IMO makes them a bit safer. I always get nervous about regular clips snagging on something.


Currently Kentucky Bridleworks offers two options: black with chrome hardware or brown with brass hardware, both of which come with an engraved plate. I was really tempted to go with the black and spice things up a bit, but in the end was persuaded that black looks a little too dressagey, and let’s be honest no eventer wants that (just kidding, DQ’s. Kind of.). It arrived quickly, was beautifully packaged (great for gifting!), and pre-oiled, so it was ready to go right out of the box. I opted for the horse size for Henry, since he’s normally between cob and horse. I probably could have gone either way, but since he doesn’t wear a halter in turnout I prefer a looser fit. They seem to run pretty true to size.

A+ for presentation!

The halter is absolutely gorgeous, broke in quickly, and is holding up great. The hardware is solid and the stitching is perfect. Kentucky Bridleworks makes all of their halters by hand, which takes one hour per halter. There’s no machine cranking these out in a matter a minutes… an actual human (in the US, no less) is putting these together piece by piece, which I definitely appreciate.

still a pretty halter, even when it’s on a grumpy face

Kentucky Bridleworks also offers a money-back guarantee for returns within the first 30 days, or free repair of any defects within the first year. Always a good thing to see a company willing to stand behind their product and their work!

At $84.95 including US shipping, I think these halters are a good value. They’re built to last, yet still beautiful enough to look right at home in a show barn. Check them out facebook and Instagram for more pics and videos!

33 thoughts on “Review: Kentucky Bridleworks leather halter

      1. No, he said he really wants it to come from you. It’s important to him. You can’t let Herrlerr down, now can you??


          1. Than that is just a present to Halo and not technically a bday present for me. It’s okay, you’ve got time before tomorrow morning. I can send a list? And he still wants the halter from his Auntie – FYI.

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  1. FYI, according to the website, the plate is NOT included. It’s $8 extra. So no go for me – I’ll splurge, but if they’re gonna charge me $8 for a plate I’ll go back to Quillins! They do look beautiful , though!


    1. Oops, you’re right. But FWIW, this halter is definitely nicer than the Quillin I used to have. It’s nicer than the $130 Wellfleet halter I had, too.


          1. Hmmm… I use their turnout halters exclusively, but have a nice old walsh show halter. Was thinking about getting a new show halter and was going to go with the nicer sale halter. I’ll have to think about it now!


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