Lots to Say

Those of you who watched the video from Presto’s very first hour of life know that he was born talking. Baby horse apparently has lots to say, because his first couple days were filled with lots of adorable little whinnies, especially at people. Then he got sick and was too busy fighting for his life and feeling miserable to talk anymore, and we went a long time without hearing anything from Presto.

Until yesterday, that is.

His main vet Dr. Kari was greeted first thing in the morning with a loud “GET OVER HERE AND TAKE THIS MUZZLE OFF SO I CAN HAVE BREAKFAST” demand. He can make all the demands he wants right now, if he’s feeling good enough to talk it’s fine by us. Then he neighed at Uncle Skeeter (the Cushings horse that has been living next to them at the clinic), and said hello to one of Michelle’s friends when she came to visit him.

Little dude is making up for lost time I guess, because now he has a lot to say, and it makes us all SO HAPPY.

We also had another amazing development yesterday: semi-solid poop. When your baby horse has been shooting 100% liquid out of his butt for 12 days, you have no idea how exciting semi-solid poop really is. Yesterday’s update from Dr. Kari:


Only horse people really understand the importance of proper poop.

That’s the only update I got yesterday, but fingers crossed so hard for an equally good one today. I really hope he can keep getting better and stronger from here. I’m heading back up there bright and early tomorrow morning to visit him!

21 thoughts on “Lots to Say

  1. I love hearing that whinny (I remember the first few videos when he was talking away when he was first born) and am glad it is back. I am glad you are going to go see him cause YAY more video hopefully! Fingers crossed he continues to improve!! Safe travels!


  2. Proper poop is a reason for angels to burst into song.
    I love listening to baby neighs. Sometimes C will neigh when she hears the back door open. It’s definitely a sign he’s feeling much better. Thinking positive. ❤


  3. Girl, between horses and my baby….my entire life is about poop. And I’m never excited about it. EXCEPT FOR NOW!!!! YAYYYYY PRESTO POOP!!!!


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