The Foal Fort

They ultrasounded Presto’s belly yesterday, and the good news is that they didn’t find any intussussceptions. They couldn’t really make a definitive assessment on strictures though, partly because his small intestine was enlarged and inflamed. Obviously it’s very irritated, which we knew already from his colicky behavior, but seeing how enlarged it was made them decide that his gut needs a bit of a break from trying to digest things. They want to give him 12-24 hours off of milk and with limited water so that his intestines have some time to “rest”.

But how to do that?

They built him a foal fort. Basically they just blocked him into a section of the pen with hay bales, shavings bags, and a round pen panel so that he and Sadie could still see each other, but he couldn’t get to her to nurse. They were quite proud of their fort and sent me pictures of it, and of how mad it made Presto.

angry baby

He started pawing at it almost immediately (he has Sadie’s attitude, thank goodness, because it’s probably the only reason he’s still alive). I was joking with the vet about how long it would last, because we’ve all seen SadieSmash, and I’ve seen Presto back up and SadieSmash a water trough already. It’s genetic apparently.

Yeah. Maaaaaybe 15 minutes til the fort breach occurred. It was worth a try.

So she was going to try a muzzle last I heard… I’m not sure how to keep that on an angry baby either, short of duct tape and superglue. But hopefully they can accomplish it so that his tummy gets a break, and hopefully the break is what his intestines need to help heal and “reboot” themselves.

30 thoughts on “The Foal Fort

  1. It’s like the miniature version of the SadieSmash. I’m glad he appears to be feeling a little better. Well, better enough to want to escape. We’re all pulling for you buddy!


  2. Yay for attitude! You are right, it is probably what is keeping him going. Love how mad he got and quickly he thwarted their efforts. Good boy! I know it is hard, but thank you for sharing your story and keeping us posted. We are all rooting for him!


  3. Glad you have something a little more definitive on Presto’s health and that he’s feeling good enough to escape.


  4. omg that is one tough cookie of a foal (I too wondered if the milk was what was upsetting his belly so interesting they are trying that) but poor baby…. But i have to laugh at his Godzilla (I mean Sadie!) tendencies πŸ™‚ HA


  5. Love it haha. Will be interested to see Presto Lecter in his mask since he refuses to be contained. You’re going to have your hands full when he gets big and strong and can actually SadieSmash. πŸ™‚


  6. Stubborn perseverance, thy name is Presto! And THANK GOD for that. In some of my stupid creepy internet searches I saw a few things actually that recommended a break from milk. Maybe that’ll be the boost that Presto needs?


  7. So glad you (and we) had a laugh! That’s an admirable attitude at this point, but I hope they can keep the muzzle on the little bugger. If he doesn’t rip it off I expect his mom will try! πŸ˜‰ (Though, as a formerly nursing mother, I personally wouldn’t have minded a break from the milk bar occasionally!)


  8. what how did he even get out??

    you know that might set him to rights. I’ve had animals with very very bad chronic IBS and sometimes they just need the time to poo all the bad shit (pun?) out and reset their systems.

    fingers crossed its the last little bit he needs!


  9. Aww, Presto. “How did he escape?” “Like Magic!” Houdini also works as a barn name…
    Yay that he’s feeling better- maybe a rest (with probiotics and slippery elm?) is just what his gut needs to settle down.
    Hang in there, little dude!
    Amanda, I hope being with the crew at home brings you some comfort, too.
    Even Bobby, although probably not much.

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  10. Might mom’s foal heat be playing an additional part in the diarrhoea problem? In which case, having a break from nursing would be doubly helpful. Here’s a shot in the dark: when my dogs have gloopy poopy, my vet recommends canned unsweetened mashed pumpkin to firm up the poo – does that sound remotely applicable to horses? SO glad the little rascal is being a rascal – smash away, kiddo!


  11. He sure has a good spark in him!!

    Just curious, I know with humans that if mom eats something that baby is allergic to or can’t handle it causes problems- can that happen in horses too?


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