Back to Reality

While I’m super thankful that I was able to take off work to stay up in Midland last week, it was really hard to drive my car out of the parking lot at the vet clinic yesterday. I didn’t want to leave Presto, not when he’s still feeling crappy. It took all the strength I had in me to push the gas pedal and drive away, and it was an extra shitty drive home. It sucks feeling so utterly helpless.

His weekend was okay, still pretty up and down. He has periods where he feels really good, but then periods where his stomach still hurts a lot and he looks colicky. He feels good enough to want to nurse a lot, but then all that fluid gets in his stomach and it hurts. He goes from fairly happy baby to fairly miserable baby within minutes.

His bloodwork actually looked better yesterday than it has pretty much the whole time. But with the way he acts so colicky after he nurses, the vets are afraid that he’s got a stricture  or intussusception somewhere. Considering his bloodwork and how long it’s been, he should be digesting things more easily than he is. They’re ultrasounding him today to check, and I really really hope that he doesn’t have either. A stricture is basically a narrowing of some area, in his case it would be somewhere in his intestine, usually caused by scar tissue. An intussusception is when the intestines start folding into themselves. There are not a lot of treatment options if he does have these, especially if it’s severe.

So, please keep your fingers crossed today for good results from the ultrasound. He’s fought too long and too hard to be brought down by a complication like this.

25 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. i am glad you got home safe and sound i had this vision of you zoning out and ended up in Mexico or somewhere 🙂 Sorry to hear they think he might have something ELSE going on. UGH. Seriously you need a break and stat! He is still adorable and i am hoping you get some good news for once! Glad his bloodwork is better thought that is a relief. Now if we can fix his tummy. It will be weird being back to work for you!!


  2. Im so so sorry. I cant even imagine how horribel it felt driving away. Hopefully the next time you see him he will be released from the hospital and able to leave with you!


  3. Spent the weekend gnawing my knuckles and checking for news about your little guy every half hour or so, no kidding! Was no news good news, or … ? So, very relieved to know he’s still in the swim, even though not out of the woods. (How’s that for mixing the metaphors?) It will be tough sledding (again with the metaphors already!) at work trying to concentrate, but you know your little honey has an army of well wishers out here, willing you to both hang tough through all this. Hugs!


  4. No. Just no. The ultrasound has to be clean. He needs to get better now.
    I am basically haunting instagram for updates, equally hope- and fearful….
    I am sendin every ounce if positivity Presto’s way.
    Ya hear, baby boy? Up and at em!! Keep on fighting!!


  5. Like everyone else, I was thinking about you guys all weekend and super-worried. I’ll be praying hard again today that they don’t find anything nasty in Presto’s ultrasound and that the vet team can figure out why his tummy is still bothering him. Poor little dude, he’s just got to feel better soon!


  6. If it can’t be a clean scan then I hope that the finding will be something that they can say” ah! Yes! We can give him (insert name of medication or treatment) and fix that! You did the right thing to leave. You have done all the right things and you must also stay sane and healthy yourself. Still praying here!


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