The kindness of strangers

Yesterday was a better day for Presto. When I got there in the morning the vet was running him a bag of plasma and at one point he turned his bum around and half-heartedly tried to buck at her, which made both of us really happy. Later on in the afternoon he had a really impressive 30 seconds where he looked almost normal.

Then he laid flat out for 3 hours because he’d tuckered himself out too much. He’s still super super weak. His bloodwork is a bit better as far as balancing his pH, but his proteins are still really low due to the diarrhea.

He was also nursing a bit better yesterday (still not as much as normal, but better). His general routine is to sleep for an hour or two, get up and drink some water and nurse, stand there and try really hard to be interested in what’s going on, and then lay back down again. The majority of his movements are in slow motion. He still looks quite sick most of the time.

But still the sweetest

Having to fight off both strains of Chlostridium obviously is not ideal. One is hard enough. Both is nuts. The objective at this point is to get his system working optimally again so that he can start to heal himself and be better able to fight off the infections. He’s getting everything he can possibly get, but with foals you have to be really careful to not make changes too fast or you can completely overload their system. 

Obviously he’s still a super sick baby and he’s got quite a hill to climb. He’s a fighter though, and he sure is giving it his best shot.

And of course, just as importantly, I have to keep thanking all of you guys day in and day out for the continued support. It’s amazingly overwhelming to see so many people rooting for my little dude. There have been a lot of tears this week, especially those of appreciation for the kindness of strangers.

Unbeknownst to me, a reader Tonia set up a donation fund towards Presto’s medical bills. Trust me, no expense is being spared in our efforts to save him and money is absolutely no object here, but the help is really sweet and much appreciated. I’m having an issue trying to get the link to embed in this post on my phone but hopefully she’ll come post the info in the comments.

I’m hoping for another good day today… so far it’s been up/down/up/down so it would be really awesome to start stringing together some “up” days.

28 thoughts on “The kindness of strangers

    1. Thanks for posting the link! We’ve got your back, Presto and Amanda (and Henny, since I am guessing these vet bills put a serious damper on his treat fund…) Happy to see a slightly better update this morning…he sure has a fighter spirit, and what an incredible attitude through all this. If you ever doubted your breeding choice, doubt no more. This is a good horse.

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  1. I really think someone needs to make #PrestoWarrior shirts and have part of the profit donated to Presto’s vet bill fund. Anyone have any ideas?

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      1. I’m all for it, but I’m about the furthest from an artist you can be and even further from being a t shirt maker. If anyone has any ideas I’m all for it though.

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  2. Love that video! Especially his final slo-mo canter stride before stopping to nurse- what balance and control in such a youngster. I hope today was another better day. Damn bacteria.

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  3. C’mon Presto, keep fighting! I’ve been so excited for this little baby to come into the world, I never imagined it wouldn’t be anything but perfect. Foolish thinking, especially as I laid my best friend to rest in January, but god damnit he hasn’t been around long enough to have to fight this hard. He should be out running around the paddock with his momma and stealing hearts.

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  4. Go presto! Please know that I (in Australia) and my mum (in New Zealand) who read your blog are sending you guys healing vibes, he is the most beautiful foal and we have adored seeing your videos and photos of him and really want him to get better!

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