Presto Update 

First of all, thank you guys so much for the outpouring of support and encouragement for Presto. Of course we love him to bits, but to see how much everyone else loves him too… I can’t even put words to how much it means.  Like Betsy said yesterday “If love and hope from strangers can save your little guy, he is certainly getting all he needs.”. I wish I had the time and battery life to personally thank each and every one of you, but please know that I see your comments and I appreciate them more than you know. And so does Presto I think, because all this positive energy has been working.

I’m president and founder of the Presto Fan Club, who wants to join?
We are still not out of the woods yet (foals are so incredibly fragile) but he’s continuing to improve. His bloodwork is moving in the right direction, although a few things are still out of whack. He’s got a bit more energy – enough to canter a few steps and give a teeny buck in the stall, and to fight the vet a little bit when she gives him his oral meds. Nowhere near a normal amount of foal energy, but it’s an improvement. He still has liquid diarrhea, and they really want that to start firming up. We cleaned his bum yesterday and put some Desitin on it, since he’s currently just one big walking Liquid Poo Butt, poor dude.

His spirits seem good, he still wants and loves attention. He just isn’t as frisky and gets tired much faster than a normal baby. 

Hopefully the updates continue to be positive, and hopefully his poop will start firming up soon. That would make all of us feel a lot better! Please keep up the positive energy, Presto warriors, he still needs it!

44 thoughts on “Presto Update 

  1. we might need t-shirts or hats with Presto Warrior on there 😉 Just saying!

    keep up the good work and we will keep loving him from afar!! and yes i want to be in the Preston Fan Club. Wait i think we are all already in it 🙂

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  2. He is still the friendliest, most personable foal I have ever seen. Thoughts and best wishes for you and Presto. Fingers crossed for solid poop!

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  3. Oh, that photo made me tear up. Such a sweet boy you have and thank God he’s getting better! C’mon Presto, keep improving. Your warriors are pulling for you in every way!

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  4. Sign me up for the fan club! I can definitely see a hat. When he pulls through this…he is going to need his own logo/monogram.
    Also, I just realized his face markings look like an upside down exclamation point. So cute. Its the perfect punctuation mark for him!

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  5. Presto chango, abracadabra alakazam, SOLID POOP!
    I know very little about foals, but I am wondering how solid can poop get on a liquid diet? Solid enough, that’s all we need.
    Maybe his logo should be a rabbit popping out of a top hat. Or a helmet.
    Keep fighting, little dude! You have fans everywhere!

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  6. So happy that he keeps getting slowly better. Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us all updated – this little guy (and his entire care team) have a bunch of presto warriors rooting for him!

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  7. No lie, I teared up a little reading your update on instagram.
    I am so glad he continues to get better.
    Once all is well again you should totally get your talented followers to design a logo for his fan club!

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  8. It’s my baby (he will always be my baby) horse’s seventh birthday today. We are celebrating at the barn right now and are thrilled to hear Presto is feeling better. Send lots of love and healing thoughts your way.

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  9. I’m totally in love too! How adorable! His ears are too cute. So glad to hear he’s getting better. Keeping all the love and good thoughts headed your way.


  10. Healing thoughts to Presto! Do they have him on any kind of pre/probiotic? Not sure how that would work for foals, but couldn’t hurt to ask… I know we will see some good poop soon!


  11. He’s in such good weight. I think that will help his chances. My filly looks scrawny by comparison.
    He’s got to get some solid poop going soon or he’s going to end up with Poo Butt as a nickname!


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