WTW Baby #1 – Lissa Wins!

Nope, no Sadie baby yet. She’d been making progress at the end of last week, and the last milk test on Saturday looked like things were finally going the right direction – pH was dropping, calcium was rising.

Saturday’s test

Then she suddenly became difficult to milk despite the fact that she’s never had a “flow” problem, and then Lissa’s baby was born and she officially lost her shit and turned into a crazed wannabe baby thief. If she’s trying to scare the shit out of me, she’s doing a bang up job. No idea where we’re even at right now, because honestly she seems to have gone… backwards. She’s going to the vet today just to check and make sure nothing is amiss.

Saturday’s shape: egg

But there IS an adorable new baby on the ground at Willow Tree Warmbloods! Lissa delivered a gorgeous colt yesterday morning – chestnut with 4 whites and a cool stripe. He got a teeny bit stuck and needed some assistance, but he and Lissa both seem none the worse for wear. He was up and at the milk bar relatively quickly and she’s being a great mom.

BIG DUDE for just a few hours old!

Sadie was being the REALLY CREEPY aunt – constantly staring and nickering at him. She actually had to be removed because she could not settle herself down. If she’d just Get To It already she could have her own, but nooooooo…

that’s a creepy donkey


29 thoughts on “WTW Baby #1 – Lissa Wins!

  1. So happy for Lissa and her ‘Mom’! You should do a contest of how many kisses will be planted on that widdle nose! I’m gonna guess a million. I can’t even imagine how freaked out you are right now. But just remember, Sadie has done this before and horses and human schedules are not synonymous.

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  2. I’m surprised Sadie didn’t have hers after Lissa. All that junu. My mare kinda acted the same and when her neighbor friend foaled, she went right after.


  3. Love me a chromey, blaze-faced chestnut gelding. If he suddenly disappears, he’s certainly not in Ohio, so don’t look there lol

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          1. Well now you’ve posted your plan on the internet so we’ll know it was you. I’m pretty sure no one would want to feel Michelle’s wrath if that gem of a colt disappears! He’s a special one!

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  4. BABY! So cute! Paige lost all her marbles and was rearing and screaming in the stall when her buddy foaled. I’m glad she wasn’t as close as she is now because that would’ve freaked me out moreso. Fingers crossed Sadie will push hers out soon! We just hit a cold snap (with snow…) here so I’m telling Paige it’s cool to hold onto hers a while longer. 😉


  5. Congrats to Michelle and the proud mom Lissa.
    What a gorgeous foal!!
    Was he by Baloubet de Rouet?
    Keeping my fingers crossed that Sadie puts you out of the “waiting for him” misery soon!!


  6. OMG I actually thought that last picture actually was a donkey until I looked at it a 2nd time. Sorry Sadie! I blame the camera angle. You are just big and beautiful, and that baby is taking up all your energy and there is just nothing left for your poor ole mama brain. Hope the vet visit goes well!


  7. Omg. That colt is to die for.
    Sadie sounds like Ben. He’s the creepy old dude that lives next door lol
    Valeria also suddenly looked like she was going backwards with her udder sucking up and then suddenly BAM! calcium skyrocketed and her pH plunged. Of course…that didn’t work out for V so much ha…Hope you have q bouncing baby soon!!


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