SS 2017 Wishlist

Wow it’s been a remarkably long time since I did one of these posts. Probably because I finally have my riding wardrobe and tack/equipment in a really good place finally. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from bookmarking other things that I want-need-gotta have.

Aegean Blue Aqua X breeches

I’m waiting for these to hit Riding Warehouse (a couple more weeks!) and then they’ll be joining my closet. I’ve continued to be really impressed with my Aqua X breeches and want more colors. This teal color is a little bit brighter than I would normally wear, but it works with a lot of my shirts, so I say lets do it. You can only have so many pairs of navy breeches (uh… 4, to be exact).

Romfh Gabriella breeches

Romfh® Gabriella Low-Rise Euroseat

I’d also really like to try the new Romfh Gabriella breeches, because I love a silicone knee patch, but I don’t like any of their current colors. Maybe white to join my show breeches collection? My favorite whites are to the point where they come out of the wash looking more cream than white these days…

Brown Ego7 Orion boots

Image may contain: shoes and boots

I’ve been trying to buy these damn chocolate brown Ego7’s since the day they announced their release on facebook, but so far I haven’t had any luck finding them or getting anyone to tell me when they might be available. As soon as I find them, they’re mine. My brown Mondoni’s are finally giving up the ghost, so I need new schooling boots like NOW.

Celeris navy boots

Image may contain: shoes

I came really close to a Treat Yo Self moment the day I saw these custom boots on Instagram. They’re not actually something I’d wear to the barn obviously, but I could live in these the rest of the time, they’re so pretty. I talked myself down off the ledge for now, but no guarantees going forward.

Majyk dressage boots and bell boots

The dressage boots are definitely on my list of needs for the season… Henry is wearing his old Gen 1 XC boots for dressage, and they’re starting to look quite abused. He deserves some fancy new leg wear. I’d also like to try their bells too, since Henry has actually been able to transition off of wearing his rubber bells 24/7 at this new barn. Mud-free living seems to be the key to him keeping his shoes on. I’m a bit lazy about pulling his pull-on boots off and on for riding, so maybe we’ll give the ME’s a try.


French Blue show coat


This makes zero sense, since literally nothing I own accessories-wise would go with this, but I’m really digging the french blue coats lately. The Winston Devon model above in “mid blue” is ridiculously gorgeous, and I actually like the color of the AA Motionlite (which RW carries now!!!) too. Makes me wish I had a gray horse or a chestnut.


Some things will be mine soon… others, well… we’ll see how long I hold out. What’s on your must-have list this spring?


49 thoughts on “SS 2017 Wishlist

  1. I started following Celeris on instagram after Austen sent me a link the other day, and a pair of boots from them is officially on my wanty list! I also have a pair of skinny jeans in that same teal color, and they go with a lot more than you think they will! Definitely one of my favorite pairs of pants.


  2. Those Ego 7 boots are really pretty! Nothing much on the wish list right now. I am awaiting the arrival of a new helmet and sadly the rest of what little spare money I have will probably go to my own medical bills and vet bills. Spring time vet expenses with three dogs and two horses is going to kill my pocket book.

    Didn’t you have a pair of tuff rider dress boots? How did they end up holding up?


    1. My Tuff Riders are hanging in there, although they’re too short and it makes me a little nuts. Can’t wear them if there’s a camera around. 😉


      1. i have a pair of the Tuff Riders (thank you Amanda C grhhh always spending MY money) and they are still great. Seriously i love them. SO comfy so easy to care for (Mine are not too short cause i have short legs!). (I need a nice pair of boots though too since i too often grab the Tuff Riders over my TredSteps (which i also got for a steal but they are not as comfy as the Tuff Rider boo hoo!). The Tuff Riders i have had at least two years now. They have taken some beating for sure!


          1. never even seen them (I know better than to follow all those fancy sites on Instagram HA ) but they are gorgeous!


    1. That’d be great if they could at least give me a date when they’re expected to be available. Ego7 announced them on their page like a month ago and hasn’t responded to me asking when they’ll actually be in stores. Sigh.


  3. I have some ME turquoise bell boots arriving tomorrow to join my ME turquoise dressage boots 😁 and I’m really digging those top breeches (shocking, I’m sure lol).

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  4. I definitely lost all impulse control and got that Motionlite coat in the french blue. 90% sure it’s going to be way too short for me (thanks weirdly long torso) but I kept having daydreams of that pretty blue against Frankie’s dark summer coat and before I knew it I had clicked “add to cart.”


    1. I was hoping that’s what you were buying, but I wasn’t sure if you’d have gone for that color. Way to be bold(ish). Glad someone got it, since I cannot even remotely fathom one decent reason why I need it!

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                1. You can peer pressure me. I might get one … The AA Motionlite also comes in green. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many green coats.


                    1. Weeeelll I may have just bought a green Horseware jacket, but it might be an early birthday present to myself …That french blue one is tempting, too …


  5. I love the french blues out there, and that Winston one is particularly gorgeous! I also want the burgundy AA motionlite, but dark red and bright orange don’t go so well….I’ve got my eye on Horseware Competition Coat in a deep teal. It’s only $100, so why not?

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  6. Just out of curiosity, are you still at the barn that you moved Henry to after his time at rehab? Do you plan to stay there long term? For some reason I was under the impression that it was a temporary move, but it sounds like a great place for you two, especially in terms of care and amenities.


  7. WordPress ate my comment. Or maybe I messed it up…shouldn’t comment before coffee. 😛 To paraphrase my previous wordy comment: (1) YES OMG CELERIS. Someday. (2) I want t Kask helmet once my GPA needs replacing (3) Need a nice pair of reins because the pair that came with my Eponia bridle were disappointingly light/flimsy (the bridle is nice tho!) Anyone have reins they love that they want to recommend?


  8. I’m waiting for the ME bell boots to hit the UK, so much waiting, so little patience. Have you ever tried montar breeches? They’re fairly similar to animo and have fancy butt pockets on most of them, I think you might like them!


  9. I’m currently at HITS in Ocala and fight grabby hands every day going through vendor row, especially when I go in a trailer for poultice, accidentally drool over the Parlanti’s and an employee asks if I want to be measured. I’ve also been eyeing the reversible belts from ManeJane and trying to justify why I might need to buy another cover for my Ogilvy. (I don’t have a color scheme so therefore I can get all the colors??)


  10. My resolve is weakening re: the AA Motionlite. I wish RW had the burgundy since my colors are navy and burgundy. But I would totally wear the aviation blue for dressage. I do like the dark teal $100 horseware one…and I mean, that’s still only $350 which is less than one fancy coat, right?

    I’ve been on a spree lately so I need to chill the f out. I bought two new helmets, new stirrups, a bunch of new saddle pads, new xc vest…the coat is something I really should replace since mine are too large but I can’t decide what I want!


      1. As best I can tell EquiLifestyle has an exclusive on the green and burgundy. I am considering giving in on the Navy, though. Not that there’s anything wrong with my $$$$ pikeur coat, of course…


  11. I need those teal breeches too. Your fault.
    Did you see the blue paddock boots I got from Cavallo? They’re dreamy. You should get them.
    I’ve recently bought all the things, so not much on the wish list. Except those teal breeches.


    1. I’m trying to behave myself a little, knowing that I need new schooling boots (THANKS FOR NEVER RESPONDING TO ME, EGO7!) and that I’m buying the new Ovation color. Plus Rolex. $$$$


        1. I actually am not really a fan of half chaps and paddocks in general. I have a pair of Lund half chaps right now that I really love, as far as half chaps go, but I wear boots way more often. I’m lazy and like the streamlined look.


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