Double Digits

Guess who’s TEN today?!?! The one and only He’salmostsweet.

There’s nothing almost sweet about this face
Oh wait, you has carrots?
entire bag of carrots later…

Ten seems like such a legit age. He’s definitely not a baby anymore, and he’s not green. He’s totally a REAL horse. Like… he can wear a flash now without having a temper tantrum. Progress.

a real horse with a Birthday Boy ribbon

Granted, every day is still like the very first day he’s ever worn boots, as he frog-walks his way out of the crossties… (never change, Henny. Never change.)

It’s hard to believe that I’ve technically had him since he was 6… we’ve had so many fun adventures. I owe him a lot, and every day he teaches me something.

note carrot slobbers

This little weirdo of a horse definitely earned his way past “short term resale” and into the family. I hope we’re still only at the beginning of our journey, and here’s to many more birthdays!

Also, Henny, now that you’re TEN, can you please stop pretending to spook at the same round bale that we walk past every day? I mean… really… it’s food. Don’t tell me you’re scared of food. No one who’s seen your belly would ever believe that.

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