CONTEST: Baby Bets

What can I say, I just really love a good contest. Want to win a $50 gift card to Riding Warehouse or Luxe EQ? Of course you do. Read on!

Get it out!

In 2015 when Merlin was born we did something similar to this… whoever guessed closest to his foaling date/time won. And then of course there was the “gender reveal” with the fetal sexing for Lissa and Sadie. But this time we’re upping the ante! First of all, we’ve got 3 mares this time. Second of all, we’ve got a few more criteria:

– Foaling Date
– Foaling Time (doesn’t have to be to the minute accurate, just to the hour is fine – ie 2AM)
– Gender
– Color
– Face Markings
– Leg Markings (again doesn’t have to be specific – “one sock”, “none”, “four socks”, etc will work)

Everything you guess correctly will earn points. 10 points each for foaling date and time, and then 5 points each for gender, color, face markings, and leg markings… so each foal can potentially net you up to 40 points. Spread that over 3 mares and you’ve got a chance to rack up some points even if you don’t get a few things right. I’m hoping that helps level the playing field a bit from just guessing foaling date/time.

Image result for in utero horse

Submit your entries via a comment here on this post or you can message them to me on the blog’s facebook page. Just make sure you leave a link or an email address so I can contact you if you win! You don’t have to guess every category, but obviously the more you fill in, the more potential points you get. I’ll keep it all in a spreadsheet and add it up as we go along. Entries should look something like this, for example:

Sadie – 3/15, 8pm, colt, blood bay, no face marking, one sock
Lissa – 3/25, 2am, colt, chestnut, blaze, three socks
Laken – 4/1, 11pm, filly, dark bay, stripe, four socks

Easy peasy. Here’s their info:

Sadie and Lissa were obviously already fetal sexed (both as colts), so we have an idea of what gender their babies might be. However, fetal sexing is not totally accurate, so feel free to bet against the vet if you’d like. Laken’s fetal sexing appointment was inconclusive. Due dates are based on 340 days gestation. I’ve included pictures of all 3 combinations below and whatever info is important so you can make your best guesses.



What we know: In foal to Mighty Magic. Fetal sexed as a colt. Due 3/17. Foal guaranteed to be bay or brown.



What we know: In foal to Emerald van’t Ruytershof. Fetal sexed as a colt. Due 3/17.



What we know: In foal to Balou du Rouet. Laken was born chestnut. Due 4/3.


Entries close on 2/28! The contest winner will be revealed after the last foal is born. Obviously I have no idea exactly when that’ll be, so you’ll just have to stay tuned.

And yes, I’m mostly doing this to distract myself from going completely crazy with anxiety/anticipation over the next month. Help a sister out and enter.

57 thoughts on “CONTEST: Baby Bets

  1. Sadie: 3/13 2am , dark bay with 2 socks, no face marking
    Lissa: 3/17 4 am, chestnut, 4 socks, thin blaze
    Laken: 4/5 3 am, chestnut, 3 socks, star

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  2. Sadie: 3/30, 11am, colt, bay, small blaze, two socks
    Lissa: 3/15, 4am, colt, chestnut, star, one sock two stockings.
    Laken: 4/15, 5pm, filly, chestnut, blaze, four socks

    Good luck to all mares and foals!

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  3. Friday Fun Day!
    Sadie – 3/11, 8pm, colt, bay, star, 3 stockings & 1 sock
    Lissa – 3/16, 2am, colt, red, blaze, 4 stockings
    Laken – 4/7, 11pm, colt, grey, blaze, 2 socks

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  4. Sadie – 3/21, 3am, filly, bay, no face marking, two socks
    Lissa – 3/18, 10am, colt, chestnut, star, three socks
    Laken – 4/5, 12pm (noon), filly, dark bay, stripe, four socks

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  5. Sadie- 3/18, 3am, colt, bay, 2 socks, star
    Lissa,- 3/14, 1am, colt, bay, 3 socks, small blaze
    Laken,- 4/5 12am, filly, bay (gray), 2 socks, blaze

    Oh lord the anxiety. Is it hot in here? It’s hot in here.

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  6. Sadie – 3/16, 4am, colt, bay, two socks, star
    Lissa – 3/19, 12am, colt, bay, 4 stockings, blaze, belly spot
    Laken – 4/5, 10pm, filly, bay (grey), sock, blaze

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  7. This was harder than i thought it would be LOL

    Sadie – 3/21 (just enough to drive you batty), 3 am, colt, brown (cause she will totally do that to you i am sure!), slight star and snip, tiny bit of white on a back leg (GOD Forbid you get too much chrome, if I had my way he would come out a flashy paint or an appy HA HA HA)
    Lissa – 3/15, 11 pm, colt, chestnut, stripe, belly marking, 2 back socks
    Laken – 3/17, 6 am, colt, chestnut,blaze, stockings on all four

    PS Holy cow i just got excited about Lissa’s baby LOL (By looking at the stallion. HUBBA HUBBA) 🙂 i was already excited about Sadie and Laken!!

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  8. Tristan’s guess…

    Sadie: 3/9, 3:26pm, colt, bay, blaze, 2 socks
    Lissa: 3/12, 4:30am, colt, chestnut, blaze, 3 socks, right side belly spot
    Laken: 4/6, 7:30pm, filly, chestnut (light gray/dapple), star (rhombus shape), 1 sock 😜


  9. Sadie – 3/18. 10a. Colt. Dark bay. No socks. Star

    Lissa – 3/12. 11p. Colt. Cheasnut. 2 socks.

    Lake – 3/20. 8a. Filly. Liver cheasnut. Blaze. 3 socks


  10. This feels so math-y.
    Sadie – 3/21, 4:30am, colt, blood bay, snip, two hind socks
    Lissa – 3/14, 6am, colt, chestnut, no face marking, four socks
    Laken – 4/6, 1pm, colt, grey/silver bay, strip and snip, four pastern socks, hind with ermine spots


  11. Sadie – 03/14, 4:00am, colt, bay, stripe, three socks.
    Lissa – 03/09, 10:00pm, colt, chestnut, blaze, one sock.
    Laken – 04/01, 6am, colt, chestnut, star, no socks,


  12. Sadie – 3/25, 3am, colt, dark bay, stripe, 4 socks
    Lissa – 3/19, 2am, colt, bay, star, 4 socks
    Laken – 4/10, 3am, colt, bay (grey), no face markings, 2 socks


  13. Sadie-3/12, 10 am, colt, blood bay, small star, 2 hind socks with 1/2 front sock.
    Lissa-3/17, 1 am, colt, bay, no facial markings, four white socks.
    Laken- 4/3 11 pm, filly, chestnut, blaze, two white diagonal socks


  14. Sadie-3/15, 6pm, colt, bay, 2 socks, star
    Lissa-3/16, 5pm, colt, chestnut, no socks, no facial
    Laken-4/4, 4am, filly, chestnut, no socks, blaze


  15. Sadie — 3.14.2017 2:00am brown colt, small star, one small soc
    Lissa — 3.21.2017 11:00pm bay colt, 4 white legs, small strip
    Laken — 4.6.2017 1:00 am Grey filly, 2 white legs, large blaze


  16. Sadie – 3/16, 11 pm, colt, brown, small star, two socks
    Lissa – 3/19, 5 am, colt, chestnut, star, four socks
    Laken – 4/3, 9 pm, filly, chestnut, snip, three socks


  17. So fun! Here are my guesses:

    Sadie – 3/10, 11pm, colt, dark bay, star on face

    Lissa – 3/27, 2am, colt, chestnut, blaze, four socks

    Laken – 4/1, 2am, filly, dark bay, four socks


  18. Sadie- 3/15, 5am, colt, brown, 4 socks, blaze
    Lissa- 3/14, 1am, filly, chestnut, 3 socks, blaze
    Laken- 4/5, 11pm, filly, chestnut, 2 hind socks, star


  19. Sadie – 3/20, 4am, colt, brown, star, one sock
    Lissa – 3/18, 2am, colt, bay, star, three socks
    Laken – 4/3, 1am, filly, bay, star, four socks


  20. Sadie – 3/19, 5pm, colt, bay, stripe, four socks
    Lissa – 3/21, 4am, colt, chestnut, star, three socks
    Laken – 4/2, 1am, filly, chestnut, blaze, four socks


  21. Sadie – 3/19, 5am, colt, bay, blaze, 4 sock
    Lissa – 3/15, 10pm, colt, bay, no face marking, three socks
    Laken – 4/4, 3am, colt , chestnut, blaze, four socks


  22. Sadie: 3/19, 8pm, colt, bay, star, snip, 1 stocking, 2socks
    Lissa: 3/16, 10pm, colt, bay, star, 2socks
    Laken: 4/5,3am, bay, blaze, 3socks


  23. Sadie – 3/16, 3am, colt, brown, star, 2 socks
    Lissa – 3/18, midnight, colt, chestnut, blaze, four socks
    Laken – 4/2, 1am, filly, chestnut, star, four socks


  24. Sadie – 3/03, 4pm, colt, bay, stripe, two sock
    Lissa – 3/12, 10am, colt, chestnut, star, three socks
    Laken – 4/2, 12am, filly, dark bay, nose snip, four socks


  25. Weee!! This is so fun!

    SADIE – 3/17 (St. Paddy’s Day Foaling PARTY!!!), 11pm, colt, dark bay, star, 1 sock
    LISSA – 3/22, 4am, colt, chestnut, strip, 2 socks
    LAKEN – 4/1, filly, chestnut, blaze, 3 socks (April Fool’s Day chestnut mare nightmare comin’ at ya, future riders of this baby! But she is going to be STELLAR!!!)

    Can you tell I am hoping for chrome? Cannot wait to see the actual foals, whether I win or not.


      1. My barn’s “Adult Games” day is coming up this Sunday, and I am mounted on a little chestnut mare pony. The other riders on their big warmbloods and TBs better WATCH OUT! The ginger pony terror is comin’ at ya! Musical Stalls is our jam.


  26. Sadie: 3/13, 9pm, colt, bay, star, 2 socks
    Lissa: 3/23, 2 am, colt, bay, star, 3 socks
    Laken: 4/3, 1 am, colt, bay, blaze, 4 socks


  27. Late to the game, but it was hard to pick!

    Sadie – 3/21, 3:00 PM, colt, dark bay, stripe, 2 socks
    Lissa – 3/13, 9:00 PM, colt, bay, blaze, 3 socks
    Laken – 4/9 10:00 AM, colt, chestnut, star, no socks.

    Can’t wait to see the babies!


  28. Sadie – 3/07, 3:00 AM, Colt, Brown, Star, one sock
    Lissa – 3/09, 4:00 PM, Colt, Bay, Blaze, two socks
    Laken – 4/01, 2:00 AM, Filly, Gray (born chestnut), Stripe, no socks


  29. Sadie – 3/10, 1am, colt, bay, stripe, two socks
    Lissa – 3/18, 4am, colt, chestnut, star, three socks
    Laken – 4/1, 11pm, colt, bay (gray), blaze, four socks


  30. Sadie – 3/14, 4am, colt, bay, star, 2 socks
    Lissa – 3/14, 4am, colt, chestnut, blaze, 4 socks
    Laken – 3/31, 6am, filly, bay, blaze, 4 socks

    (P.S. I had to guess 3/14 as it’s my birthday 🙂

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