Netflix and Try Not to Die

I sometimes find myself wistfully thinking of how nice it would be to have one of those glorious Netflix-filled weekends spent in one’s pajamas that I hear so many good things about. Yeah, well, be careful what you wish for.

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was not feeling so good for my lesson. I woke up that morning feeling a bit off, and by the time the lesson was over I had a terrible cough and was starting to feel really depleted. After my lesson I was going to hang around for a bit, but just got to feeling like maybe I should go home… something didn’t feel right. About an hour from home, everything kept getting weirder. Almost like my brain was going fuzzy. I stopped at the convenience store to see if anything looked edible (I hadn’t eaten all day – no appetite) and grabbed a Gatorade and some crackers.

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That got me through, but by the time I pulled into the barn I knew I needed to get home ASAP. I tossed Henry’s blanket on, turned him out, unhitched my trailer, and was out of there in 5 minutes. I intended to stop on the way home for some drugs but things were getting fuzzier by the minute, so I skipped it. By the time I pulled into my neighborhood I realized that my skin felt really hot to the touch. As soon as I got in the house I took my temp and bam … 101 degrees. I normally run more like 97-something. I texted the SO and asked him to pick up literally any and every flu med from the store; it’s been going around work for a month or so and it looked like I was finally the lucky recipient.

shoutout to the real heroes of the weekend

For the rest of Saturday and all of Sunday I was basically plastered to the couch like a sad sack, taking as many meds as possible and watching Netflix. I am a huge fan of documentaries, so the one perk of this whole thing was that I was able to knock several off of my list:

For the love of Spock – Because I ❤ Leonard Nemoy.

13th – About the mass incarceration problem in the US, the commercialization of our prison system, and how it all ties to race. This is a MUST WATCH for every American.

Religulous – This is mostly Bill Maher beating down almost every major organized religion, and the concept of religion in general. He’s a little grating at times (and a little mean), but religious debate is super fascinating to me. It was mostly interesting to hear what people’s responses were to his questions.

Jesus Camp – This is an older one, but probably the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s about an Evangelical children’s preacher and her summer camp which basically teaches those kids how to entwine their faith with politics, saying things like how they are at war with liberalism. It’s NUTS. Like brainwashing level of nuts. Kiiiiind of gives you some insight into why Trump was so popular in certain places, though.

Blackfish – I’ve been holding out on this one for a long time, not sure if I really wanted to watch it, but I’m glad I did. Nothing really shocked me that much, it was just sad on so many levels.

Amanda Knox – I never really followed her story when it was happening, but who doesn’t love a good whodunit?

Dis(honesty) – All about the study of lying. Why people lie, how, when, and what impact it has. Pretty interesting.

Killswitch – The story of hacktivists Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden.

The True Cost – If you enjoy cheap clothes and cheap leather, don’t watch this because it’ll ruin it for you. This documentary looks at the true cost of fast fashion and how it affects people and the environment. You’ll never look at clothes the same way again.

Definitely everyone needs to watch 13th. Right now. Then watch The True Cost. Then watch Jesus Camp and come back here so we can talk about it and go WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT together, because for real I’m deeply disturbed.


I made it to work yesterday long enough to do the few things I really HAD to do, then went back home and was a sad sack again. I finally felt hungry though, so that was a plus. Today I feel much more normal, aside from some general weakness and a cough that won’t quit. Why is it that I only get sick on weekends or vacation? For real… when I was a kid I had chicken pox on spring break, food poisoning on Xmas vacation… it’s been this way my whole life. If I have to get the flu, why can’t it be on a Wednesday or something?

But hey, at least I got my lesson in?

20 thoughts on “Netflix and Try Not to Die

  1. That’s how it goes, only when I manage to be sick, not only is it the weekend, but the one weekend that month where the weather is pretty. Every healthy me weekend is rain, wind, snow, cold. Annoying. Interesting about the documentaries. My husband just quit his job with the prison system, so that may interest him.


  2. Ugh sorry girl that sounds awful. I rarely get sick but when I do… Yea no fun at all. Glad you made it to the lesson anyway and feel better soon!


  3. Ack feel better. I had a mild version of the flu and it just made me angry that I couldn’t run and wanted to sleep all the time. Totally watching those movies. Since I still don’t have a sound horse to ride.. I’ve got some time! Have you watched Harry and Snowman? I was crying 3 minutes in…


  4. Agree on 13th. Mass incarceration coupled with privatized prisons is straight up disgusting to me. And helps literally no one but the private entities running the prisons.


  5. Sounds like you’re on the mend now. Keep resting and drinking fluids and all that jazz. I got sick when it was finally dry and beautiful. Raining again today.


  6. Does 13th also talk about how prisons bid on government contracts (Berry Amendment makes it so our armed forces and other federal governments must try to source in USA for items before going overseas) for made in usa items and make sub-par quality product for dirt cheap? Essentially slave/forced labor, even though we are cracking down on the importation of goods made with slave/forced labor? And that true Made in USA products for our soldiers can’t be bought because legit companies can’t compete with prison labor costs?


  7. DAMN GIRL. That’s a list. I was sick with a flu-like thing in January and I spent three days in bed (one because I HAD to, the other two because why give up the excuse…) but mostly just slept. I did watch a lot of Crazy Ex Girlfriend and The Crown though.


    1. I’m not a very good sleeper, even when I’m sick. Granted, I usually don’t watch TV very much either so that was like 6 months worth of documentaries crammed into one weekend. So much accomplished.


  8. Thanks for the heads up on the documentaries. I love a good nature one, but I’m definitely not opposed to a good brain explosion on any level.

    Also, hope you feel better so you can go eat a Gordough donut for me. My brother is slacking. (He moved there in October, lives 2 miles away from one, and has failed to try the Free Bird for me). Bastard.


    1. Please watch Jesus Camp so we can discuss. None of my friends have seen it and I can’t shake how freaking crazy it was. I don’t think I’m ready for a donut yet though!


  9. Glad that you’re on the mend! Thanks for the must-watch list, I’ve currently got some time on my hands so I’ll check those out. I’ve had Blackfish on my list forever but I’m so sensitive (read: boo-hoo) about animals & the ethics involved in humane treatment that I’ve shied away from watching it. I definitely recommend The Crown–it’s a Netflix original series–if you have any interest in monarchy, politics, family drama & history. The cast is spot on & they get the details right!


  10. I saw Religulous a few years ago (probably when it first came out in Redbox?) with my friend and her extremely intellectual,,hippie, no chains attached uncle and we had some fun discussions afterwards. I loved the part when he went to Jesus World (or whatever the Christian theme park is called) and had a conversation with Jesus before he was kicked out 😂 Oh and the pot smokers that accidentally lit themselves on fire! Hahaha it had some great momoents but agree that at times he was grating and even mean.

    Very curious about the others and will have to add them to my sick day list!


  11. Sorry you were feeling so ill, but YAY! for documentaries. I love them and illness is a perfect excuse.

    I’ve seen 13th and Jesus Camp. I actually just watched Jesus Camp because I couldn’t remember if I had ever actually watched it despite it being in my queue for ages (I had). I found 13th to be 1. horrifying and 2. wanted to tell everyone to watch it. I agree that it is a must see.

    I grew up in similar circumstances to the kids in Jesus Camp, although not to those extremes. I still consider myself to be Christian, but I would now be labeled liberal as well as Christian. I believe in global warming. I am pro-choice. I believe Black Lives Matter. I believe in religious freedom. I believe in gender equality. I believe that it is not my place to judge people but rather to accept and love all…even when they are different from me. Thankfully, I know many, many other Christians who believe similarly to me which is helpful during the current political climate.


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