Review: Ovation Aqua-X breeches

I have a few items in the queue for review that all have everyone’s favorite thing in common: stuff I didn’t think I’d like that much and actually ended up loving. It’s always fun to be pleasantly surprised.

My quest for great breeches seems to always be ongoing. I have a couple of brands that I really like but you know how it is… everyone always needs more breeches and more breech options. I especially have been on the lookout for something a bit similar to my Aztec Diamond breeches. Those have been my favorite pair for a long time, but they’re now going on 3 years old and I’m not sure how much life they’ve got left in them. Sadly, ADE changed their fit after that season, so I haven’t been able to get any of their other models to fit me as well. But I do love the fabric of those, and the silicone knee grips. They were kind of like my lower budget version of my very beloved 5yo pair of Animos.

Enter the Ovation Aqua X. They have 3 of my most favorite features: 1) fantastic, comfortable, quick-dry tech fabric 2) more of a mid rise 3) silicone knee patches.

I had a pair of Ovation breeches many many years ago, back when they were a mostly cotton blend. They were ok then but I didn’t have them for very long before I sold them, and that was the last time I really even looked at Ovation breeches. I’ve had several other Ovation items that have served me quite well… schooling helmets, bridles, breastplates, a couple saddle pads, etc. For a low budget brand, I’ve had pretty good luck with them over the years. I’m just such a breech snob, I guess it never occurred to me to circle back around and check out some of their newer models.

When I got the Aqua X breeches I was immediately impressed with them. The fit is really excellent on me–I love that the rise isn’t too low (no worries about needing a belt!) and they are SUPER flattering in the saddle. When Trainer first saw them that was one of her first comments: “They’re so flattering!”. Which I think translates to “You look less fat in those pants than you normally do.”. Whatever, I’ll take it. The fabric is nice and light without being too thin, and they dry really fast. I think these will be fantastic in the summer when I start sweating buckets in some very unflattering places.

full seat version

I also find them to be extremely comfortable. They’re nice and stretchy without getting saggy, and have the ever-so-popular euro seat and mesh sock bottom, because velcro is literally the devil. These breeches are marketed as summer breeches, although here in the South they’re quite suitable year-round. They’re made from MIPAN Aqua-X material, a “cool-to-touch” nylon/lycra blend (no cotton to fade or sag!) that also offers UV protection… this same fabric technology is also used for items like cooling sleeves that are so popular with cyclists and golfers.

My only minor complaint about these is that I would like the silicone on the knee patch to come a couple inches further forward toward the knee, just to give them extra grip in the saddle. They aren’t slippery, but they aren’t as grippy as my Animos (which, granted, are like weary sticky spray in pants form). Otherwise I haven’t come across anything else that I don’t like. In fact, I’ve been wearing these things almost non-stop since I got them. I also wish they came in a huge rainbow of colors, but apparently they’re working on that. 😉

Image result for MIPAN(R) Aqua-X
New color, Aegean Blue. These are next on my list!!!

Price wise, the Aqua X are very budget friendly. They come in both knee patch and full seat, and retail for only $116.95 from Riding Warehouse. Currently only beige and gray are in stores, but Aegean Blue and Navy should be arriving by late March (rumor has it that black and hunter green are coming in the fall also). Plus there’s almost always a coupon code floating around for RW (message me if you need one!) and they have free shipping over $50, making these breeches an even better deal.

If you’re looking for a lower budget, comfortable, light weight breech, especially for summer or a warm/humid climate, I definitely recommend giving these a try!

33 thoughts on “Review: Ovation Aqua-X breeches

  1. I adore a mid-rise breech, and now I really want to try these out! I have a pair of Ovation DX Taylors kneepatch breeches which fit well. What’s that RW coupon code, please??


    1. right now you can get 10% off with FB10 (although if you’re a USRider member, you can always get 15% off with your membership… some GMO’s have discount codes too!).


    1. I brought back a pair of their breeches for a friend and was really annoyed I didn’t get some myself. I loved the feel of the fabric, I don’t know how they fit though.


      1. my first thought was what happened to you and where was the old you:) I was like no way is she mentioning Ovation and breeches in the same thought ::)


  2. How is the fit? I know every breech fits different per body shape, so was wondering how you felt about the fit particularly in the leg and butt region. Example… I usually wear a 34 in Tailored Sportsman which gives me room for my ass and thighs, but a 38 in the dreaded Smartpak Pipers is tight in the thighs and an ocean of gape in the waist. I also sized up two sizes in ADE breeches and my self esteem took a huge hit when I still couldn’t get them on. Conclusion; Tailored’s fit me okay but are expensive and unspectacular, Pipers fit me in the sense that if I wear my belt tight enough I can make them work because they’re cheap, and… European ladies must be very small haha


  3. ADE apparently changed their fit again this season, their new Scarlett breeches are loooooovely so may be worth trying again for fit? Could be good news for your wardrobe?


  4. Yeah they are actually, I love high waisted, holds everything in place! I have so many trust issues with breech sizings, I have to try everything I like on before I will buy them


  5. I was impressed by these when I saw a friend wear them a little while ago. I thought there were something much more expensive when I first saw her in them. She loves them…I”ll have to find a pair to try on.


  6. would definitely love to hear how they are doing in warmer texas weather. I’m always on the hunt for breeches that hide swamp ass lollll – also, if there is still a RW discount, could you please share? o:)
    also, I saw your review for your navy Animos and I realllly want to find a pair online / on discount, but I have no idea where to start in regard to all the models… there are dozens!! Also, the sizing is so confusing. I am smack dab between a 30 and 32 in trophy hunters, but I cannot find a consistent comparison of the sizing to Italian sizes… would it be an IT44?


    1. LOVE THEM! They’re my new favorite in hot weather. RW always has 10% off with FB10. As for Animo sizing, it can sometimes vary from model to model. I’m a 30 in pretty much everything but am 44 to 46 in Animo, depending.

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  7. Thanks Amanda! I had them in my shopping cart at RW, and then thought…well, let me see if there are any reviews and of course YOU HAVE ONE!!!! Bought the Charcoal color…can’t wait to get them!


  8. So now that these are pretty much discontinued, what is your go-to for a summer breech? I bought all the pairs of these i could on clearance, eBay, etc…..


    1. Just came to say, my new alternate to the Ovation Aqua-X are the Catago Elina breeches – they’re a little thicker (double lined in the inner thigh/seat) but the quick dry factor is great!! I do find that i need to size up one size though, I think due to the double lining.

      And then these don’t compare at all on pricing, but the Samshields are amazing and my new fave but I only buy them second-hand. The Tried Equestrian is a great online resale shop!!


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