Review (and giveaway): Lund Saddlery Figure 8 bridle

The current item on the docket for review from Lund Saddlery is their Figure 8 bridle!

Despite his facial expression, Red was a willing participant in this review.

If you haven’t read any of my previous reviews of the Lund pieces, check out the 5 point breastplate, the flash bridle and rubber reins, and the 3 point breastplate. The leather on the Figure 8 bridle is the same as on all the other Lund pieces, so I won’t repeat myself too much there. In short, it’s a nice sturdy Sedgewick leather with soft padding, fancy stiching, and sheepskin on the nose. Like all of the Lund bridles, it has a contoured, padded monocrown to provide extra comfort for the horse. The styling is very classic, and the sheepskin is fluffy enough to provide some comfort without being Way Too Fluffy (a personal pet peeve of mine).

After I got my initial impressions of the bridle, I passed it off to my trainer for her to try out. She’s been using it on one of her young horses, and it even made the trip with them to AEC last fall. It’s sturdy enough for everyday use but it still cleans up nicely for shows, which makes it a great buy if you don’t want to have to purchase a separate show bridle.


As far as sizing goes, if you have a horse that is typically in-between sizes, it might be a good idea to size down. Red is a pretty average sized thoroughbred and Trainer had to punch some holes in the noseband for him. The full works, but a cob might have worked better. Otherwise all the straps are nicely proportioned and it sits well on his face.

As with all of the Lund pieces, the Figure 8 bridle is priced very reasonably at $215 CAD (approx $159 USD).

Lund Saddlery is giving away a free Figure 8 bridle to one lucky winner this month! Click here to enter.

PS – I have not forgotten about the logo contest! We got so many entries there at the end that in order to make sure everyone’s gets looked at thoroughly and fairly, they’re taking the weekend to decide. I’ll have contest results bright and early Monday morning, I promise! Sorry for the slight delay.

9 thoughts on “Review (and giveaway): Lund Saddlery Figure 8 bridle

  1. i dont need another bridle (mantra in my head) but i sure sign up each month 🙂 I am looking forward to their saddles! I dont use a figure 8 but i like the look of that one alot! 🙂

    OOHHHHHH Their website is up (I had no clue) off to peruse! 🙂


      1. AND now i am really staring at the 3 point. I REALLY need a new breastplate…Really and like the navy 🙂 HA you are such a demon to my wallet….


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