Blogger Gift Exchange (and other Christmas stuff)

This is my 3rd year participating in the Blogger Gift Exchange, and the 3rd time I’ll say this: I always feel really sorry for whoever gets me. I know I’m really difficult to shop for and I can never think of any good hints. Yet, for the 3rd year in a row, my Secret Santa (this time it was Kaity at Leo the Saddlebred) managed to hit it out of the park.

I’ve mentioned here before that I seem to collect hats. That didn’t start on purpose, but now I always try to nab a ballcap with my favorite brands or shops on them whenever I can. Kaity took it one step further and had one embroidered with Henry’s hashtag: #hennythingispossible. And in our XC colors, no less!

New favorite hat!

She also included tons of treats for Henry, some chocolate, and some cute socks. Many thanks, Kaity! Henry has already eaten 75% of the treats… all the peppermints went into his usual Christmas Day bran mash:


Aside from all the treats and his mash, I also got Henry a new Ogilvy baby pad for Christmas (boy is he thrilled… I feel like saddle pads are the equine equivalent of a human getting socks) and our Lund anatomic girth arrived around the same time so I’m pretending that was a present for him too. Shhh… don’t tell him.

As for myself, it was a very adulting kind of Christmas. From the SO I asked for a cover for my horse trailer (for the long wet months, since the sides are open) and a clothes steamer. Yeah I know, a clothes steamer… am I 50? Whatever, it’s a little handheld miracle machine when you’re a super wrinkled type of person who also hates ironing.

Related image

Image result for horse trailer cover
the cover is not actually on my trailer yet because the wind was like 900mph yesterday and there was just no way

The SO also dragged me to the mall with him on the 23rd to pick up a few last minute gifts that he needed (he’s one of those people) and when we walked into the Gift World store, I locked eyes with this beauty and had to take it home.


Merry Christmas to me! SO is not thrilled about the new addition to our dining room. Meh… shouldn’t make me go to the mall two days before Christmas. I love my ridiculous unicorn salt and pepper shakers, especially considering the living room is filled with his fancy horror movie posters. Now our house just looks super confused. Plus I picked up a tiny little laughing Buddha that is now sitting on the mantle. That store is amazing.

I also got a couple of fun surprise gifts from friends and family, including but not limited to:

Remember these custom Tucci Marilyn’s that I’ve been lusting after for months? Guess who’s finally getting measured so they can be ordered??? I AM SO EXCITED. Especially because my show boots have giant holes in them. My friends are the best ever.

And, some of you may recall that time I asked for a wheelbarrow full of money. My dad is a smartass… a very very clever smartass. He made (yes, made) me exactly that:

If that’s not impressive, I dunno what is. Dad Humor: level Pro.

Overall our Christmas was pretty quiet… we had Indian food for lunch (my most favorite tradition), took the dogs to the barn to run around, hung out with my dad for a little bit, and then capped it off with the Doctor Who Christmas Special. My kind of holiday.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas! Did you get or do anything fun?

19 thoughts on “Blogger Gift Exchange (and other Christmas stuff)

  1. I love my steamer because I am also a super rumpled person who refuses to iron anything!

    I got my Hamer and Clay ornament and Huntley half chaps that are super awesome. Everything else wasn’t horse related because every year my family tries (and fails) to try to get me to be normal by giving me non horse things. Hasn’t worked going on 25 years, but bless them for trying.


  2. Ahhh you’re getting the boots!!!! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to see them on here!
    You’re dad is a comic genius. And also awesome. An awesome comic genius.
    And lastly, that hat is everything! The blogger gifts have been awesome so far! Can’t wait for mine to arrive!


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