Review: Lund Saddlery 3 Point Breastplate

Another month, another Lund Saddlery giveaway, and therefore: another item up for review! This time we’re looking at the Lund Saddlery 3 point breastplate.

Me Red. Me famous model.

I already reviewed the Lund 5-point breastplate, and the majority of my comments from that piece also apply to this one. The materials are the same – Sedgwick leather, SS hardware, and strong navy (yay!) elastic. It has the same fancy stitching details on the wither strap (or as I like to call it, the emergency “oh crap” handle) as well as super soft padding on the wither strap and chest strap. There are snaps at each point for quick and easy on/off, plus a snap-on running martingale attachment. Like the 5-point, it comes with dee savers if you’d rather use those instead of your saddle’s permanent dee rings.


The cob size is a little bit snug on Red and Henry (both average sized TB’s) so I would say the sizing runs pretty true. As with all of the Lund tack, there are size charts available with exact measurements, so if you have any sizing questions it’s as easy as sending them a message and asking for assistance.

As far as breastplates go, the 3-point design is probably the simplest and easiest when it comes to every day use. Less straps = faster tacking up = happier lazy person. Another perk for lazy people – no skeepskin to keep clean! This design is also ideal if you are particularly sensitive to having any extra leather or straps under your calf.

My Lund 3 Point has been in regular use now since August (it even made a trip to AEC’s with my trainer) and is holding up beautifully. The leather has broken in and softened up nicely, and it still looks just as gorgeous as it did when it was new.

Now for the best part: price point. I’ve had a lot of breastplates over the years (some even purchased from France because I’m insane) and the quality of this one is up there among some of the best, while still only being $175 CAD (about $130 USD). There are a few similar breastplates near this price point, but it’s the details on the Lund that really make it stand out from the rest: the soft Italian leather padding, the top wither strap with fancy stitching, the dee savers, the SS hardware, the hardy Sedgwick leather, etc.  If you want high end beauty and quality and a mid-range price point, look no further.

Want to win your own Lund Saddlery 3 point breastplate? Go to and enter your name for the December giveaway!

8 thoughts on “Review: Lund Saddlery 3 Point Breastplate

  1. I won last month’s giveaway for a flash bridle and I’m SO FREAKING EXCITED to get my hands on the leather after reading so many great reviews about it.


    1. I know, I saw that you won! Be patient with it at first, it takes a little while to break in before it starts to soften up. And then it basically never wears after that lol… all of my stuff still looks brand new.


  2. already entered. 🙂 It looks like a nice breastplate. all the stuff looks good. I will be glad when the website launches so we can see all the pretty. They are even doing their own saddle right??


  3. How has the white part of the elastic held up as far as dirt/sweat? I really like the elastic color, but I hate hate trying to keep elastic looking nice.


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