So, what’s the damage?

Post-Black Friday weekend feels like we’re in the aftermath of some kind of major weather event, where everyone is starting to poke their heads back out to assess the damage and see if it’s safe.

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I am not crazy enough to go to an actual store during that time (ew, people, yuck) but I do question my sanity every time I put that Black Friday sales list together. It’s ridiculous, and really time consuming. But the fun thing is, there are tons of really good sales from a lot of great retailers. I usually manage to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done plus nab a few little things for myself that I’ve been wanting. This year was no exception, although I was left feeling like I wished I had more money to go around so I could support all of my favorites instead of just a few. Alas, Henny is expensive.

who, me?

I had already taken care of some of my Xmas shopping before Black Friday, via Hamer and Clay. It’s become tradition at this point, I always have to order something from her. Or 5 somethings, but who’s counting…

And then of course Riding Warehouse got my business within an hour of their sale going live, because I am powerless to resist them even on the strongest of days. Got a few Xmas presents though, and stocked up on some essentials for Henry plus nabbed his usual Xmas day bran mash. I had a few other things in my cart for ME that I ultimately forced myself to remove, so that was sad, but maybe I get a few points for willpower?

OKAY FINE I ADMIT IT, I did grab this for myself because it’s vest season and I love RW and I wanted it and it was my reward for “putting back” an $80 saddle pad and $150 breeches. Fair trade?

Then I hit up One Horse for a few more Xmas presents (and maybe threw a $10 tank in the cart for myself, wooopsy how’d that get in there?) and a couple other places that I can’t mention because I feel like the people who will be receiving those purchases will know it’s for them and I refuse to give them that satisfaction.

like this A-hole

Otherwise the rest of my purchases were not horse-related (Amazon, Spreadshirt, Redbubble, and Old Navy – although ON had thermals for $5 so I had to grab a few for riding) and therefore boring. But the good news is, 90% of my Xmas shopping is done now, and somehow I escaped it all without buying too many things for myself. Okay, I admit, that part was disappointing. Normally I buy myself really great Xmas presents.

What about y’all? What sales did you succumb to… or did you make it through BF weekend unscathed, despite my best efforts?

37 thoughts on “So, what’s the damage?

  1. RW for the win! A BoT saddle pad, lead rope, cowl-necked-cozy-sweater-I-simply-did-not-need-but-had-to-have, riding socks because < $5.00 and a present for my hubby – white breeches as he's going to hopefully go recognized next fall. 🙂


  2. Despite your best efforts, I made it through Black Friday unscathed 😉 I ordered from RW the week before and then placed myself on a spending moratorium until our vacation in a few weeks, so I kind of have an excuse. Kind of. I did however send my MIL links to several of the sales with specific ideas on Christmas presents for me if she so desires….hahaha.


  3. I got sucked into the RW sale as well and ended up with the bareback pad I’ve been eyeing since May (though Grandma has offered to give it to me for Christmas, so score) and the BoT hock boots for Copper. Not sure they will help him at all, but I figured getting them 25% off would help with resell if they aren’t a solution. Tossed a couple of their cheap shirts in the cart too because why not.


  4. I spent a lot of time browsing and debating over certain things, but ultimately made just one purchase…a Charles Owen cross country safety vest. I got it for 30% off, and I didn’t see any discounts on them that came even close to that so I figured it was now or never. And even still, after that purchase I didn’t feel like I had any more money to spend! However. It is now Cyber Monday so time is not yet out…

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  5. I wasn’t that bad… I got 2 pair of ROMFH for really good deals and then bonnets and maybe something from Just Riding… the rest was mostly Christmas shopping. Just have a couple items to add to wrap that up!


  6. I haven’t purchased anything and it’s killing me. The deals are far from over though (I still have 12 hours dammit!), so I have time to not die of retail sadness.


  7. i got some stuff on RW. really wanted other things but family stuff (why must tgiving me the same weekend as black friday hmmm) so i missed out on some things but my wallet thanks me I am sure.

    Bobby I hope she got you some good shit. Lord knows you deserve it :)!


  8. I went a little out of control and bought a lot of “me” presents. I got a new helmet and halfpad from RW and 2 pairs of romf breeches from centerlinestyle. Then I had my mom get me a bunch of stuff from Aztec diamond and my boyfriend get me a big order from the herbal horse so I’m pretty excited for Christmas. Now I guess I need to get paid again so I can buy some presents for other people…


  9. I got quite a few small things including items for the Equestrian Blogger Exchange! I also picked up a few things for me and some presents for other people. My biggest purchase wasn’t something on sale though 🙂


  10. I actually bought some non-riding clothes online for the first time in my life…. (!) Now that I’ve made that sacrifice, I’ll be looking around for something more fun. And appropriate. For me, or the Soo, or both of us!


  11. I ended up snagging a diamond monogram saddle plate from Swanky for my new saddle (thanks to your list – damn you for enabling me) and the girth I’ve been itching to buy from Dover on their Cyber Monday sale. All in all a reasonable weekend.


  12. I bought almost nothing on Black Friday this year. Nor Cyber Monday. In fact, I’ve done nothing for anyone at all thus far. Ugh. So behind this year. I did order holiday cards though. Does that count for anything?


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