TRM Blog Hop: Before and After

Cathryn at That Red Mare posted this blog hop yesterday and it immediately grabbed my attention. Who doesn’t love a good transformation? Honestly though, I don’t think Henry is your typical super impressive “before and after”. He came to me in good health (albeit FAT and with no muscle from having sat in a pasture for over a year) and he’d already jumped a little bit, so his early education went by pretty quickly. His is not a particularly radical transformation, but it’s still kind of fun to look back.

This was Henry on Day 1 when he arrived in Texas in December 2013. So fat that his butt jiggled when he walked. He’s always been cute though – the long mane and shaggy coat couldn’t hide that.


He’s a bit more fit these days… looks more like a event horse than a pasture puff. I think he went from cute to handsome.


This is one of our very first jumps, also December 2013. He was a little bit more green and careful in those days, but his style has always been good.


Now he just jumps much bigger things.



Ah, but what about the DERP? Well, absolutely nothing has changed in that regard. On Day 1 he was 100% derp…


and almost 3 years later – still derping so hard.


I started with a pretty nice horse. Now I just have a more fit, more educated one.

Maybe Sadie is a a little bit more fun as a before and after, since… ya know… going from a baby to an adult is a lot more drastic?

Sadie at 2 weeks, when she was still cute and tiny.


Sadie at 2 years, still looking a little gangly. (Yes, I’m skipping over the yearling part. No one wants to re-live that, especially not me.)


Sadie at 3 years, at her first little schooling show.


Her first show over fences, at 4 years. Cantering over the Baby Green jumps like NBD, because teeny things have always been a joke to her.


At 5, when she decided she’d rather be a jumper and the sticks got bigger.


And then last year, finally mature at age 8, and with her first baby.


Still hard to believe that my tiny little fuzzball is now a giant mare!

22 thoughts on “TRM Blog Hop: Before and After

  1. Hah, I love that Henry doesn’t really look all THAT different, although obviously a lot has changed with him. I think it’s because his personality is SO BIG ❤


  2. Transformations are so much more fun when you’ve had the horse from a young age 😀 I don’t follow TRM yet (off to read!) but my post today was a transformation post too, what are the odds? Haha


    1. She had a hock infection as a 2yo (mare in the stall next to her kicked the wall down, into her stall) and it created a lot of scar tissue that started causing problems as her riding career got more intense. We probably could have kept her going at the 1m-1.10m for a while with lots of regular maintenance, but eventually the wear and tear on that hock would have caused permanent issues. I didn’t think that was a super fair life for her. She’s sound – you can get on her and ride her, no problem – but she’s a REALLY good broodmare. I think her new life is the best of both worlds… she’s happy and she’s comfortable, and hopefully she’ll stay that way for a long time.

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  3. i love these transformation posts and can only hope to have something to show for charlie’s time with me (eventually lol). in an ideal world it’ll be an evolution more similar to Henry’s – fostering and educating pre-existing good qualities to end up with a confident and self-assured athlete.


  4. K. I’m seriously fangirling that you read my blog.

    And I agree that altho there isn’t a huge difference outwardly in Henny, he is inwardly so changed. His demeanor has changed so much – I remember when you first got him and how afraid he was of contact. You’ve done such a wonderful job with him.

    And ermagerd… Sadie is soooo gorgeous.


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