Review: All Ears app

This is a fun one… and it’s cheap!


When the creator of the All Ears app contacted me a couple weeks ago on Instagram asking if I’d like to try the app, I almost didn’t reply. I’m kind of an old lady curmudgeon when it comes to apps. I don’t like the clutter on my phone, so I don’t download very many, and while I thought the idea behind this app was cute, I didn’t really think it would work.

Basically All Ears is a photo and video app that plays sounds while you have the camera up to catch your horses ears for photos. It’s called a “selfie” app, but it works either way. I don’t really do selfies, so I’ve used it primarily to just take regular photos. There are currently 29 different sounds (and it says more will be added), you can take photos or video, in portrait or landscape. and you can play the noises one time or set them to play continuously.

some of the different sounds
press and hold the button for a particular sound to select continuous mode if you’re taking several photos

Ah, but does it work? Amazingly enough, it works REALLY well. So well that I can’t really stop playing with it because I get such a kick out of it, and I’ve told all my friends to download it. It’s a really basic interface that is easy to figure out, easy to use, and has lots of options. I’ve played around with all the noises for Henry and found several in particular that he always responds to. He even neighed back to it one day, trying to figure out what kind of witchcraft had managed to trap a horse inside that tiny box.

two for one

Video of the app in use:

There are also squeaky toy and car key noises that work really well on my dogs (uh… except for the deaf one, obviously), making this app even more useful. I’ve gotten to where I take pictures of all of my animals through the All Ears app.

Stewie even pauses in the middle of murdering his monkey when I use the squeaky toy noise. Quinn remains blissfully deaf in the background.

I really wish I’d had an app like this while Sadie was growing up… it was impossible to get her ears up for photos. Usually lots of jumping up and down, bribery, and throwing things was required just to get one picture where she didn’t look like a bored mule. This is obviously way easier and it works a lot better. Technology, man.


The All Ears selfie app is $2.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store here. Normally I’m kind of a grump about paying for apps, but trust me, this is more than worth the 3 bucks just on entertainment value alone. It’s currently only available on iPhone but an Android version is coming soon. If you want to keep up with new releases and updates you can follow All Ears on facebook or on Instagram.

23 thoughts on “Review: All Ears app

  1. I need an Android version ASAP because I do semi-regular portrait sessions at my barn or for friends and there is literally nothing more frustrating than a horse that won’t put its ears up!


    1. The noises are so great for that! It’s nice to have so many to run through… the horses seem to respond a bit differently to the different sounds, so you can run through them and find the ones that work best. Definitely follow All Ears so you can see when the Android version is coming. Highly recommend.


      1. After leaving that comment I immediately went and followed them on IG ๐Ÿ˜€ my barn manager has an iPhone so maybe I can sweet-talk her into getting it for barn shoots!


  2. Oh this is such a cute and brilliant idea! When my husband does equine portrait shoots it’s always my job to jump up and down, crinkle peppermint wrappers, wave my arms, throw things, and generally dance around like a lunatic to get the horses to make good expressions. This will make my life SO. MUCH. EASIER. But possibly less entertaining for those around me…


    1. I am having trouble finding the app on iTunes. Even when I follow Amanda’s links. I tired iTunes and the app store…any hints?


  3. Oh crap. I see a future of me giggling and making weird noises with all of the animals and my husband yet again shaking his head. I’m really interested to see what the goaties think of it, but will have to wait for the Android version.


  4. I’m waiting anxiously for the Android version. Paige is the worst about putting her ears forward so she always looks like a jaded kids horse. Even though you weren’t able to get Sadie’s ears up for pictures, this should help with the baby pictures that I’m sure you and I will be plastering social media with this coming year! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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