Fair Hill Part 4: Everything else

Perhaps the most important part – what did we eat and what did we buy…

Let me go ahead and disappoint you right off the bat. I spent a grand total of $42 at the trade fair, and the overwhelming majority of that was a gift for Bobby. I know, wtf, he’s such a tool, why am I buying him anything? I dunno, pity I guess. But otherwise I couldn’t find too many things that I just had to have.

except this belt from Mango Bay because LOOK AT IT

Anyway, let’s back up a bit. Michelle (with 2 L’s. You’ll see why I say that in a minute. Why is everyone named Michelle?) and I got into Baltimore before noon, picked up our rental car, and headed north. Naturally we had to stop along the way at some hole in the wall place for lunch, where I got this giant plate of sodium.

It was delicious and I regret nothing

After that we headed straight to one of Maryland Saddlery’s consignment shops (WE DON’T HAVE THOSE HERE) to poke around. Let me just say, they have a really impressive collection of randomly weird stuff.

can I interest you in a hot pink Grand Prix coat?
or a blue bridle?

Despite my best efforts, I walked out of the store with absolutely nothing. Twas a sad day. I totally would have bought these gorgeous Sarm Hippique paddock boots if they were my size, but alas they were juuuuuuuuust too-small enough to be impossible. Damn toes.

After that we were off to my other friend Michele (one L)’s house in Newark where we were given a proper greeting by a particularly friendly little monkey dog.

Me Ollie

Thursday and Friday were pretty much totally consumed with judging. But besides giving us a place to stay, Michele (One L) also got us the hookup on a VIP parking pass and lunch tickets, so Michelle (2 L’s) and I majorly lucked out on that one. We got front row parking and free fancy-people lunch both days.

VIP is fancy, y’all.

Despite long, exhausting days, we still managed to stuff our faces appropriately every night. We’re troopers like that. Can we just take a minute to appreciate UDairy Creamery and their giant cookie dough chunks? Look at it.


After we were done with the YEH workshop on Friday, Michelle (2 L’s) and I walked the 3* course. Well, part of it. We quit at just over halfway, because too tired. She’s only been to a couple of events before, and definitely not one of this level, so it was greatly entertaining to see her reactions as she walked up to some of these fences.

“wtf is this and why would anyone jump it?”

Saturday was our only free day, so we showed up early to watch the 2* and 3* XC. Michele (one L) was able to join us that day, and we all descended upon the trade fair together.

I pretty much immediately dragged One L over to the Eponia booth. I’ve followed this brand on Instagram for a while and thought they had some cute stuff… riding clothes, tack, etc. I knew that One L in particular needed a new dressage bridle and likes the PS of Sweden styling, but didn’t want to spend that kind of money. She said she wanted a 2-tone bridle so that it would match both of her saddles, and bam, there it was. Black with dark brown padding, rhinestones on the browband that pretty much perfectly matched her horse, and they had it in his size. Five minutes into the trade fair and I had One L dropping money like it was hot. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate how right I was though, it looks awesome on her horse.

Remus wants to know why it didn’t come with treats

There were a few more things in the Eponia booth that I was sorely tempted by but just couldn’t quite close the deal with my more practical inner self. She’s such a buzzkill.

We wandered around inside the tent to visit the smaller booths, and I bought Bobby his official FHI gear. They didn’t have anything left in my size that I liked, so I guess I just wasn’t meant to buy anything for myself there. Next I dragged One L and Two L’s right into Mango Bay, where they both proceeded to buy things while simultaneously convincing other shoppers to buy things too. We are a powerful force.

One L doesn’t even wear belts and I got her to buy one. I win.

I kept waiting to stumble upon something really fascinating that I’d never seen before, but the only “new to me” thing I really saw was one half pad and it was a little weird.

Otherwise I mostly just kept circling back around and petting the Voltaire monoflap in a way that seemed to make the rep a little uncomfortable. Sorry, guy.

As far as fun splurges go, the trade fair was a bust for me. But convincing the L’s to buy stuff was almost as fun, since I didn’t have to spend my own money. My wallet is relieved.


32 thoughts on “Fair Hill Part 4: Everything else

  1. Fair hill isn’t really know as the shopping Mecca that Rolex is. We pretty much didn’t hit up any of the vendor booths. Well. Except for one. Didn’t buy anything tho. Yet. Lol. That bridle really does look great on Remus tho!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HA my bridle purchase is nothing like a trailer purchase LOLLOL. Keep us posted on your decision. 🙂 I hope you end up buying from them 🙂


  2. ahem.

    First off YAY my dog and my horse get a mention and photo opp on the blog. YAY….(yeah i am a dork). But this stuff makes me happy.

    Second, note dear readers, how she tends to not mention the fact I needed a two tone bridle due to said the900facebookpony selling me her old dressage saddle (DOES she spend my money like hers, why yes she does). But I do honestly love that bridle on my pony and guys check Eponia out the leather is as pretty to touch as it is to see! *sidebar her cast off dressage saddle is now my unicorn. SO COMFY and fits my horse like it is custom!

    Third, I didnt wear belts (until she made me buy one) I wore it with jeans yesterday to work and took a shot to send to her. yeah i might need more Mango Bay in my life soon…..sigh

    Fourth, it was great fun seeing Amanda again and meeting two L’s (she is a hoot too). And i got to meet some other bloggers at FHI (so many blogs to follow) so win win. Two L’s and Three A’s are welcome to come back next year I told them. (but stop calling my dog monkey face, he has feelings too HA HA HA arghhh he snuggled up to Amanda or Michelle like he found his long lost owners…traitor dog is his name).

    And lastly, getting Amanda to spend money on herself is HARD. I kept pointing things out to her (THOUGH she really needs that Eponia dressage girth or the at browband/bridle she coveted. 7 bridles you say, let’s make it an even 8!!) ha ha ha ha


    1. wait another local?? How cool!! and yes UDairy rules we didnt go all summer till they came to town (Thank goodness). Ha but it simply makes other ice creams pale in comparison.


  3. You are way too good at encouraging everyone to buy all the things! Including your blog readers. As soon as I saw your photos I went to Mango Bay’s website to see if they had that pretty green belt listed, alas they do not (or fortunately, for the wallet)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I vote you come to FHI next year Bobby. Amanda needs someone else to talk smack to her besides me 🙂 (AND YES I MADE HER BUY YOU SOMETHING =, she was going to get you something cheap ass) HA!


      1. I didn’t know she was going to see YOU there or I might have just invited myself along as well! She wanted to bring me home a bag of poop so I am glad you intervened.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. nope i tried to make her buy you something more than she get. IF she is cheap buying herself something she is positively SCROOGE when it comes to you LOLLOL 🙂 And Michelle likes Bobby too. 🙂 SO the only poop collecting was by Amanda HA!


  4. Uh well I probably would have ended up with a blue bridle and now I definitely want that fantastic belt. You don’t get credit for Eponia because I already wanted everything they sell.

    Also I need that ice cream in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ohhhhh my gosh, you are a shopping magician!!! I too have a buckskin and our “show colors” are black, white, dark dark brown and gold. I have wanted a two-tone noseband exactly like the one on the bridle that your friend got for her buckskin for SO LONG and have not been able to find one like that. Low and behold, Eponia sells that noseband separate from the rest of the bridle! It’s even tapered at the sides like you see on the newer, more modern bridles! DONE AND DONE! Our show turnout just got a little matchy-er, and you’re to thank/blame!


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