The Unicorn 2.0

I haven’t given much update on The Saddle Quest, mostly because I was pouting. The first saddle finally arrived from Devoucoux, and while it fit Henry great…

seriously it’s like the D3D panel was made just for him

unfortunately my concerns about the 17.5″ were legit. The seat was ok, but my knee hung over the front block in a really awkward way. Definitely too small.

Considering how Trainer’s 18″ fit (borderline roomy), I was kind of surprised at how tiny the 17.5″ both looked and felt. I checked the stamp twice to make sure I wasn’t crazy. They’re very very different for what’s only supposed to be 1/2″.

17.5″ vs 18″

So, reluctantly, I boxed the 17.5″ back up and shipped it back to Devoucoux. It was in my possession for less than 24 hours. However, I think the universe must REALLY want me to have my Unicorn, because it just so happened that an 18″ popped up too. For $200 cheaper than the other one. And it was newer.

I had to wait for the refund to go through from the first saddle, which made me really nervous, hoping no one bought the 18″ out from under me while I waited. Pretty much the second it hit, the new one was purchased. Say hello to Unicorn 2.0…

which arrived literally 10 minutes after I dropped Henry off at Trainer’s for the week. Sigh. So now here it sits, looking beautiful and smelling amazing, until this weekend when I can finally try it. Maybe second try is the charm?

34 thoughts on “The Unicorn 2.0

  1. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to survive waiting for the refund. Just reading that caused me a little anxiety as I am very familiar with saddle fitting woes. Cannot wait to see the Unicorn on Henry! … I didn’t think out that wording too well.

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  2. That’s really weird. The seat size looks almost like it’s a 16.5! Maybe it’s just because it’s a different year or something? Either way, it really does look like it was made for Henry. Can’t wait to hear whether it makes your dressage rides slightly more magical.


  3. When I was western saddle shopping it really amazed me how much difference there was between 16 inch seats, 16.5 inch seats, and 17 inch seats. Amazing how much difference a half an inch to an inch really makes. The second one looks really nice, hopefully it works!


  4. I’m super jealous. I tried that same model Dev and fell in love, but sadly didn’t have the funds and ended up getting an older Amerigo (which is super nice). I figured I can get one someday when we have extra cash and I can actually ride in a dressage saddle rather than look like a hunter princess that got handed the wrong horse.

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