Gender Reveals and Contest Winner!

First of all – shout out to Westporte baby West River for finishing 6th in the CCI 2* at Bromont (with one of only 4 double clear XC trips)! I spend a lot of time stalking this horse since she has the same sire as Sadie.

and same derpy ears

I love seeing another one out there proving that Westporte isn’t just a hunter sire. It makes me even more excited for The Mighty Little Nugget.

Who, by the way, is a…





It took a while for the vet to determine, but once he got just the right view it was pretty clear. Coincidentally I had only decided on a colt name, so this works out just fine. Say hello to Magic Word, barn name Presto.

The arrow is pointing to the genital tubercle, the location of which determines the sex of the foal. If it’s up by the tailhead = filly, if it’s down by the stifle = colt. The brighter white dot above the arrow is a stifle, for reference.

Of course, this is Sadie we’re talking about here so I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it pops out a filly. She likes to mess with me like that. Never trust a crafty mare. The only thing we know 100% is that it’ll be bay or brown, since Mighty Magic is homozygous. For now we’ll just assume it’s a bay colt.

Here’s an instagram video of his head on the ultrasound. You can see his ears, his eyes, and his TEETH! Little bitty teeny tiny baby Presto teeth!


As for her BFF Lissa, well, these two apparently have to do everything exactly alike, because she’s having a…





This one could be a legit stallion prospect, with world class parents like these. He’s for sale in utero! 😉

They’re starting to look something like this

So there we have it – two colts. Impressively, 11 of you guessed that particular combination! The winner of the awesome gift basket from KJ Creations is (drum roll please):


Steph at Hand Gallop!

Thanks to everyone who participated, congrats to Steph, and many props to Michelle for taking those hilariously adorable gender reveal pictures.


30 thoughts on “Gender Reveals and Contest Winner!

  1. Thank you for making me feel slightly less crazy for wanting to do a photoshoot of Paige when pregnant and having a foal shower. haha. Unfortunately no gender reveal until birth for us though. Congrats on a colt!


  2. I hope it comes out as a colt, because I LOVE that show and barn name! Congrats to you and Sadie, and Stephanie for winning!


  3. I love this so much! I know you were leaning toward filly, but I like the boys better myself. So exciting!
    These photos are awesome. I love that the halter even has blue padding. So crazy cute!
    And Congrats to Stephanie!


  4. Why was my name not on there? I guessed two colts and got my guess in thirty minutes before the deadline…..

    Congrats to the winner and on the colts. I can’t wait to see them.


        1. Yesterday was a loooong crappy day at work and I forgot. I was getting so excited too haha. It’s weird that I picked filly. I don’t normally. Oh well, no big deal. My brain just isn’t working haha.


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