Blank Canvas

As I unpacked my most recent box from Riding Warehouse, I found myself holding Henny’s boring little white Flair strips in my hands, lamenting the fact that they don’t come in navy. Or rainbow. Or unicorn. They do have hot pink and aqua but ew no. Then it hit me… it’s not really a plain white Flair strip, it’s a blank canvas!


I mean… if he’s gonna wear a nasal strip at summer horse shows to help him breathe, he may as well own the hell out of it, right? Just picture it:

ok, granted, badass Henny Flair strip will most likely not turn me into BDJ.

This is happening. The wheels are already in motion for a Flair DIY and no one can stop me.

It wouldn’t be the first fancy Flair strip in existence.

Henny is the biggest weirdo I know, he definitely deserves more than the standard plain white Flair strip on his nose.

he’s a special snowflake

Side note: hey Flair, how much bribery and sweet talk would it take to get a custom thing going for me? Because HENNY.

25 thoughts on “Blank Canvas

  1. you are so wasted at your day job. Between trolling for deals online and customization projects, that is your real calling. I can’t wait to see how you do this 🙂


        1. Glitter would totally be doable. A little glue, a lot of glitter and voila!

          I like the black Flair strips. I’m thinking silver sharpie would be smart looking…


            1. Oooo, it could totally match whatever browband we are sporting that day. Although, between the browband, fly bonnet and Flair strip, I may blind the poor horse. That would really suck on xc 😛 On the flip side, I’d love to do an Irish one for my trainer. I’m excited to see how yours turns out. What media are you using for the wording?


              1. I’m just having some stickers done up by Vistaprint. It needs to be fast, because you don’t remove the plastic from the front of the Flair strip until you apply it. Figure I’ll stick the Flair strip on, stick a HENNY sticker on top of it, and done. We’ll see how it looks.


  2. I’m surprised you haven’t just bought a stencil and spray paint yet! Either that or maybe one of those monogram decals like you have on your helmet/stuff? I’m just not sure about how removeable they would be off of something like a Flair strip.


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