Back at It. Ish.

I was really excited to write this post about how it finally stopped raining. How everything is still pretty wet and muddy and gross, but the arena is dry enough, the horses are back to turnout, and we can technically get back to a regular riding schedule that doesn’t exclusively feature trotting down the shoulder of the road. How we’re 6″ of rain over the average for the year so far and I’m quite done, thanks. Until I got to the barn yesterday and SOMEONE had pulled a shoe. Womp womp.

granted, it’s really muddy

Luckily I randomly decided to buy an Easyboot several months ago when Riding Warehouse had them on sale. I’ve never been able to get any other boot to stay on him for more than 5 minutes and I wasn’t hopeful that this one would either, but last night we did a fairly intense dressage ride and it didn’t even budge. Score one point for the Easyboot Trail! If the farrier doesn’t make it out today I’ll slap the boot back on and jump him tonight.

because we’re finally to the point where this doesn’t look big anymore, and I want to keep it that way

In more exciting news, Trainer is moving a little bit closer to us. Hopefully soon she’ll be able to drive out to our place for lessons on at least a semi-regular basis. That could really be earth shattering for me… hauling 2 hours to meet her somewhere just doesn’t happen often between my schedule, her schedule, and the weather. Being able to take jump lessons more than once every couple months would be such a luxury at this point, especially if it didn’t require hauling out somewhere and paying an additional grounds fee. Maybe I could actually get my shit together? Hey, miracles happen. 

Tomorrow we’re hauling out for a lesson with Dressage Trainer, the first one in quite a while (oops). Hopefully it’s not too big of a mess. I’m just so happy to have some nice weather again! I would be even happier if Henry had all 4 shoes.

also thrilled

17 thoughts on “Back at It. Ish.

  1. Damn kids. Always foiling our plans.
    So with you on the trainer situation. Mine happens to be very close to me, but she’s at shows like 90% of the time. And her nanny quit so trying to get her out is actually impossible. I FINALLY had her out a few weeks ago, and when she got on Jamp, he was lame. But hey, at least he had all his shoes?


  2. I’ve had great luck with the Cavallo sport boots… good to hear about the Easy Boots, I know they improved the design a bunch. I had two sizes to compensate for where Riley was in his trim cycle, but found that wrapping the hoof and heel in a bit of vet wrap helped sure up the fit of the boot (and keep it on) when it was not as snug as it could be. Great news about your trainer, you must be so excited!


    1. This one is really really snug, like to the point where i wasn’t sure I could get it on. It took some banging around, but it fit. That’s probably why it stayed so well!


      1. Gotcha! Riley has one foot a bit bigger than the other and using old thin trouser socks helped with that! It took a lot fo trial and error to get the right fit, but once we did we could do all sorts of fun things in them (including paper chasing in hock deep mud!). Great to have a spare tire, right?


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