Henry’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

After Henry went XC schooling on Friday afternoon, he seemed a little confused to see me again bright and early on Saturday morning. Bobby was going on a very low key, informal XC school and I figured I’d tag along too, just to ride off-property and also to act as Bobby’s Scraper if he fell off and died.

two cute butts, one disgusting one (but please admire Bobby’s rainbow unicorn socks)

I will now explain how the day’s events unfolded, and why Henry thinks I have committed the ultimate betrayal.

He unloaded, looked around, and went “I KNOW THIS PLACE! I RANFASTJUMPEDBIG HERE AND WON RIBBONZ! HENNY EXCITED! XC TWO DAYS IN A ROW? BEST WEEKEND EVER!”. Then I started tacking him up…

Hai mom

and he went “Wait a minute… mom, dis the wrong saddle…”.

Then I got on, Bobby went off on Halo to warm up, and I… well… I made Henry dressage.

In the XC field.

The very XC field where he attained (in his mind) glory, fame, and riches.

First he was confused, then he tried his very best eggbeater trot, then he neighed for Halo to come save him, then he just gave up and dressaged. But with the saddest, grumpiest possible demeanor, of course. What fresh hell was THIS? Once he gave me some good work I trotted him over a tiny log, which made him a little happier, then finally I just went and parked him in the water jump. His ears immediately went back up. Because standing in water = going XC, obviously.


Then he supervised Halo while Bobby galloped and jumped some fences


and gave me the nastiest glare when we went back to the trailers and got off. We came all this way to dressage? When there were perfectly good fences to be jumped? Obviously I must hate him.

Halo, can your Dad be my Dad too?

After a few handfuls of cookies he seemed to forgive me a little, but he still made it very clear that I completely ruined what could have otherwise been a fun time. Worst. Day. Evar.

25 thoughts on “Henry’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. omg isabel would never forgive me! just trying to trot her out roundly in our own small field (home to a minimalist assortment of baby log piles) is blasphemy.


    1. I do some very dressagey conditioning rides out in the fields so it’s not a totally foreign concept, but this is the first time I’ve hauled him to an XC venue and not jumped. He says it is not okay.


  2. Obviously you need to do your dressage in a flooded arena like Ingrid Klimke does. It’ll be just like doing it in a water jump, so Henry should be happy as a clam.


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