Springtime in Texas

For most parts of the country spring is just beginning, but here in Texas we’ve been having spring-like weather for almost two months already. I don’t particularly love Texas or think that it’s a very attractive state in general, but even I will admit that spring in Texas is pretty great. It’s the only time that the grass is truly lush, and we get a pretty amazing assortment of wildflowers.

Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes

This spring has been particularly nice so far – temperatures are mostly in the 70’s and 80’s and we’ve gotten enough rain to keep things green but not enough to really impact our riding schedule. This probably means we’ll have a horrid summer, but I’m enjoying it while I can. The grass looks amazing, Henry is done shedding and looks sleek and shiny (yes, sadly this does mean his butt unicorns are gone), and the footing is perfect. I’ve especially been enjoying our hacks in the field lately.

who wouldn’t want to gallop here?

Texans have this super weird tradition of plopping their kids in the bluebonnets and taking pictures, which I have never quite understood. Maybe you have to be a native to get it. But naturally SO and I (ok it was mostly me) decided to put Quinn in his best bow tie, plop his fat fuzzy ass in some bluebonnets, and take our own “kid” pictures. My fuzzy kid is way cuter than their regular kid, that’s for sure.


We’re also firmly into our show season now. Our first recognized event of the season is only 3 weeks away. Louisiana, brace yourselves for the Amanda and Bobby Shitshow invasion.

wildflowers errywhere

I’m sure this level of amazingness won’t last and soon I’ll be back to whining about flooding or 100+ degree temps or both, but for now… everything is beautiful and Texas doesn’t suck.

21 thoughts on “Springtime in Texas

  1. Not even those who are native really understand the point of bluebonnet pictures but we do them almost religiously. Quinn is a cutie!


  2. Growing up in Texas I have lots of pictures of myself and my brother plopped in the blue bonnets. Personally I think it was simply cheaper than doing professional photos while still looking fairly professional.


  3. and none of those kids in bluebonnets end up walking away with snake bites?!? (i seem to have this image stuck in my mind of texas overrun with rattlers or something?)

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    1. Oh trust me, every time I see these people stopped on the side of the road wandering through the brush with reckless abandon I’m screaming in my head “LOOK FOR SNAKES, MORONS!”. It does seem to happen, or at least we hear the warnings every year.


  4. Wow, I’ve never seen wildflowers that intense or in that multitude. Our wildflowers are more like tiny little clumps dotted in fields of long grasses, you have to look for them to find them.

    I love that Quinn has a bow-tie!


  5. Spring is a gloriously beautiful time of year, that’s for sure. We’ve been having a decent amount of rain which is kind of annoying, but I’ll take rain over snow ANY DAY.


  6. I made the mistake once of trying to ride Pmare into the bluebonnets to get pictures the first year I had her. We ended up tangled in cactus. And that’s the last time I ever tried that.


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