Father-Daughter Tattoo Day

What, you haven’t gotten a tattoo with one of your parents?

My dad has all kinds of cool stuff on his goals list for the year, including run a half marathon (which he already did) and getting his first tattoo, which is now also a checkmark in the “done” column. I hope I’m this badass at 63.

On Saturday after the horse show I met him at his house and we went to get tattoos. He’s been wanting to get Pigasus and I have several on my list, so why not go together?



I got a quote (I have this quote on lots of stuff, just none of which are on my body or permanent):


Yes, more Narnia stuff. It’s a great quote and it reminds me of my mom, so it seemed perfect. The crown (hard to tell, but it’s purple) above the “C” in courage is from the logo she used for all of her quilting stuff:


I think she would like it. ❤

19 thoughts on “Father-Daughter Tattoo Day

  1. That’s awesome! I love the quote and the symbolism of the crown, what a great way to remember your Mom. I’ve been thinking about my next tattoo recently, its going to be horse themed but I haven’t quite found the right design.


  2. OUCH your tattoo looks ouchy! But i love this blog and love your dad. (And you too of course:) Very cool!! I cant believe your dad is almost 20 years younger than mine. You are SO YOUNG! 🙂


  3. nice! my dad and step mom got married in a tattoo parlor… tho he had zero and she has one i think lol so idk what the motivation was. i have a tattoo from the same parlor tho so while it’s not exactly the same situation, it still feels like a special connection


  4. Congrats to both of you! And, I’m sure your mom would love the tattoo and crown. Keep it straight. I know I promised to call – been busy. With Herman at dr; think we are looking at knee replacement. The sooner the better; he’s been on crutches since he fell in late Oct. PT was helping mail something else happened so we are back at square one, it seems. Dana.

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  5. The idea of getting a tattoo with my Dad makes me laugh uncontrollably. Further proving your Dad is AWESOME. And the fact that your mom loved purple only makes me think EVEN more highly of her. And the quote rocks.

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