New show season, new acoutrements

Over the course of last year’s show season I was able to nail down most of my stuff. Breeches, helmet, saddle, bridles, accessories… it’s mostly done. Of course, there are still a few little items that I’m adding, or items that I’m trying to upgrade to something nicer for the long term. Here are a few of the things I’ve added so far this season; first the things I already have, and then the things that are in process but I’m still waiting (patiently?) on.


Already have:

We’ll start small. The first thing I wanted was my own bridle number set. I used to hoard old bridle numbers like it was going out of style, in case I ever lost a number while at a show or went to a schooling show where they don’t hand out bridle numbers (please never make me do dressage in a pinney). You can flip the old bridle numbers over and write your new number on the blank side if you need to, or pull the little hook off and safety pin it to your pad. But Bobby kept stealing mine (because he’s a jerk and a poor planner) so I decided to invest the $8 in an interchangeable set. Actually that’s a lie. Bobby bought them for me, because apparently our love does have a price and that price is $8. Now these guys live in my bridle bag, just in case I (or Bobby) ever need a spare.

My new stock tie was an AETA find. I’d been casually looking for a new, plain-ish stock tie for a while but couldn’t find anything I liked that was super subtle (the blue and yellow coat/helmet kind of limit how far I can go with a stock tie before I officially look ridiculous) but still interesting and GOOD QUALITY. Seriously, what is up with all the cheap ugly stock ties out there? I loved the fabric and structure of the Style Stock ties, so I brought home this tone on tone stripe.


I always show in a dressage Ogilvy baby pad, but I wanted a nice Ogilvy jumper baby pad for shows too. None of the jumper pads I had were that nice – more schooling quality or kinda old and sad looking. Teddy’s Tack Shop perfectly filled that gap for me with this logo pad, complete with navy binding and yellow piping to match my half pad. It’s perfect and I’m a little obsessed with it. You’ll be seeing a lot of this pad.


A boring one, but I figured it’d be good to have: a good ol’ medical armband. I have a Road ID and have just worn that since I started eventing, but I noticed at a lot of schooling shows they really want you to have an armband. I kind of hate wearing them but I figured it’s something I might need (and in fact I’ve already worn it), so into one of my Riding Warehouse orders it went.

I just got this one last week, but I finally have a really nice show shirt. My TS shirt was fine but I never really loved the feel of the fabric, so now I have a Winston Vienna to replace it. My favorite thing about this one (aside from the A+ stellar perfect fit) is the little trim of navy blue striped fabric around the top of the collar and the bottom of the cuffs, which I think will look especially good when one of my “coming soon” items arrives.



Coming Soon:

And that item would be the Winston coat that I accidentally ordered when I wandered into the Luxe EQ trailer with my defenses down. But I’m really excited about this coat. I’ve never had one as nice as this, or custom, so I’m hoping it’ll be an item that lives in my closet for a very long time. Of course, I don’t have a picture of it since it’s being made, but… use your imagination and add navy lapels, yellow piping, and navy buttons.


After all of my AETA gushing about the Majyk Equipe boots, I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the leather jump boots. Total must have. And again, another item that I’m hoping will stand the test of time and have a place in my line-up for years to come.


Ok let’s be honest, “really nice stuff with excellent longevity” is the name of the game this year. I’m trying to weed out cheap stuff that falls apart or things that I don’t really love and end up selling. Maybe it’s finally time that my closet start reflecting my age? But now that all 3 pairs of my Roeckl’s seem to be on their last legs, I decided to invest in I-Quips. Also custom, so… use your imagination again. Pretend these have navy finger reinforcements, yellow stitching and yellow piping.


And then I caved and ordered the Cambox helmet cam. To be fair, my tax refund was a lot bigger than I was expecting AND I already hit my Coconino budget AND I came into a little bit of cash on top of all that. I found it in France for $35 cheaper than it would have cost to order it from Dover; cheaper for me and not giving my $ to Dover equals a win-win. It’s currently en route from France. Yet another upgrade, this one is way smaller and lighter than my current GoPro.

The next big thing I need to replace within the next year or so is my tall boots. My 6 year old Monacos aren’t looking so hot. I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around boot brands yet. Tucci? DeNiro? Makes my head hurt just trying to think about it. Slightly obssessed with the DeNiro with the American top, though…

34 thoughts on “New show season, new acoutrements

  1. Very nice!!! You are always so well dressed, and I LOVE that stock tie. I’m thinking about (finally) getting a stock this year and I just can’t get into the shiny/bingy/sparkly/cheap looking satin ties that are everywhere these days. I’m thinking more classic, matte, foxhunter-chic…


    1. Look at Style Stock. They have some very classic styles and the fabric/shape is perfect. If the fabric is too thin they don’t hold their shape very well, which makes me nuts… these are some of the best I’ve seen. I also hate satin.


  2. So many awesome things. I am seriously jelly about the ogilvy baby pad – that looks slick! I need to meet up with Megan to try on some Winston coats…

    Also ME boots 🙂


  3. ooooooh would you mind sharing the link (or brand name or whatever google-able info you have) on those bridle tag thingys? also, i’ll be very curious to hear what you think of that new helmet cam!


  4. I have four pairs of deniros and really love them, so I’m on board with the deniro thing! I’m also debating a Cambox, but I mostly only want it to film hacks on a big chunk of our property, which I feel like might be boring. I think I might get a polaroid cube and just velcro it to the brim of my schooling helmet or the shoulder of my vest. Less $$ for less use.


  5. DeNiro boots are the absolute bomb. I have the Salentos, and I’m absolutely obsessed!

    Very jealous of the Majyk Equipe boots. I really want a pair!


  6. The real question is, will the instructions also be in French so that you still can’t turn this camera on.

    I’m making a trip up to Pin Oak for the second weekend to explore all of the vendors for show boots. I love my boots to death, but when the zippers popped (and were replaced within the week. Phew!) it occurred to me that maybe I should have a second, nicer pair for showing. I’m slightly overwhelmed by all the brands as well, and Pin Oka seemed like a good way to be able to touch them all and actually see how they fit my foot and calf.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure I’ll still take forever to figure out how to work it. But at least this one has a light that you can actually SEE to tell that it’s turned on.


  7. I got a pair of De Niro’s to replace my disgusting Tredsteps, and liked them so much, I bought another pair! They seem super durable and they’re pretty comfortable, I give them a thumbs up!


  8. i covet the deniros, but those are a long way off budget wise. im excited to see the cambox helmet cam vids! i dunno how anyone rides with a go pro off the front.

    the dressage numbers are such a solid idea… i hate hate hate doing dressage in a pinny IT RUINS EVERYTHING. and i go to SO many schooling shows.


  9. I hope you realize that you just sent me on the biggest shopping spiral. As if I need anything else (I do), and now I’m considering the purchases an…. investment. Excellent. Love those gloves. Dying inside.


  10. You look so put together. I’m still doing schooling shows in a polo and whatever breeches currently fit.

    I have two pair of LaMundial boots that I absolutely love. Of course, I have bulbous calves, so finding any kind of not custom boot that actually fit was impossible.


    1. Mary, I feel ya on the huge calf thing! I have 17.5″ calves, and had the worst time trying to find tall boots that fit me, because I’m also 5’3″. I randomly stumbled upon a pair of La Mundials on consignment for $100 (which is absolutely a STEAL), and they fit me almost perfectly. But I am also casually looking for an extra pair of tall boots, and the mere thought of having to go fully custom makes me so sad 😦


  11. I’m slowly starting to put together a show outfit and I love this post! Different sport but some great ideas. I especially LOVE those stock ties. I may need the subtly polka dotted one, I do show a pony after all so I can do something a little different.

    Liked by 1 person

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