Henry is April Ludgate

I have to admit, I wasn’t really digging the “your horse as a character” thing that’s been going around blogland. Until yesterday that is, when I suddenly realized that Henry is 100% April Ludgate from Parks and Rec. Now I get it.


In all fairness, I’ve been told that I’m April Ludgate too. Several times. When I first heard that, I had never seen Parks & Rec so I went and watched a little youtube compilation and was like oh… yep, nailed it. Sarcastic, blunt, weird, pretty much the polar opposite of warm and fuzzy. Then I started watching episodes here and there because obviously I love April. People also tell me pretty often that Henry and I have the same temperament. I can see how our relationship works out so well. But – let’s look at the Henry/April comparison.

First, there’s the top-notch resting bitch face (or mareglare, if you will):


Henry every day when I put him back in his stall after a ride:

Henry after every show:

Henry after he finishes cross country:

If you want to pet him but don’t have cookies:

When we try to do dressage:

When he sniffs hay that’s been peed or pooped on:

april ludgate parks and recreation parks and rec aubrey plaza

When I try to spend quality time with him:

The 20 Most Relatable April Ludgate Quotes From

When you try to show him affection in general:

But how he really feels about me, deep down:

Image result for april ludgate gif love

32 thoughts on “Henry is April Ludgate

  1. Hahaha I’m so glad you finally stopped resisting because Henry has a huge personality and definitely needed a character. This was a hilarious morning break, thank you for that 🙂


  2. UH, news flash!! YOU are April Ludgate too – except you use extreme amounts of profanity. Animals really do take after their owners… I guess that’s why Halo is so sweet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Halo is not disgusting, he’s a sweet baby who happens to have an anomaly where food comes out his nose. You just say that cause he sprayed you and Henry on our hack with chewed up rotted hay! Such a good boy….


          1. He can’t help that he poops nonstop in the trailer and basically sits on the butt bar…. should we mention how your Henny’s clothes (and yours) can basically stand up on their own and don’t smell any better?


  3. Omg this is so funny! I keep trying to figure out who Prisoner or I would be for a blog post, but I have nooo idea. Then one day Aimee said I was a bubbly person…or dear God I think she is right, the horror.


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