Leistner review and Teddy’s Tack Trunk Giveaway!

Some of you may remember the review of The Best Brush Ever (a Leistner Prinz) that I got a while back from Teddy’s Tack Trunk. That thing has completely converted me into a fancy brush lover, and now I have two more Leistner brushes added to my collection.

the family

This time I got two goat hair brushes – the Luxurious large brush and the Luxurious face brush. Because, keep in mind, Henry is a delicate flower and tends to stay pretty clean, so I get more use out of softer brushes. I’ve heard great things about goat hair brushes being fantastic for getting that last layer of dust off and bringing a nice shine to the coat, and these did not disappoint.

no dust on this unicorn

Before the Leistner brushes came along, my grooming routine was jelly curry, Beastie brush, cheap soft brush, towel, and it still didn’t always get all the dust off. Now I just do the jelly curry, Prinz, Luxurious, and he looks so much cleaner and shinier even with fewer tools and fewer steps. The goat hair is so incredibly soft that Henry doesn’t mind me brushing his face, something I used to have to do with the towel lest I want to get snarled at.

no snarling

The large Luxurious brush is just that – a large brush. I have big hands (I wear an 8.5 glove) so it works really well for me on the body. I can cover a large area in just a few swipes and leave a nice dust-free shine. If you have tiny hands you might have a harder time holding the large brush, but keep in mind you can adjust the handles on these brushes if need be to give you more stability.

The face brush is considerably smaller, obviously, since it’s intended to get into all the little nooks and crannies. It nestles nicely into your palm for good stability and control on the delicate areas of the face.

not a hand model

Just like the Prinz brush, both of the Luxurious brushes are very well made. You can tell that the wooden backs, leather handles, and goat hair bristles are super high quality. Nice things make me happy, especially when they’re practical and do such a great job.


Want to try out some Liestner brushes for yourself? Teddy’s Tack Trunk has generously offered a $25 gift certificate to go along with this post! There are 3 ways to enter (and yes, you can stack your odds by doing all 3):

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22 thoughts on “Leistner review and Teddy’s Tack Trunk Giveaway!

  1. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I honestly have at least 3 of nearly every grooming supply. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I ordered 3 Leistner brushes from Teddy’s Tack Trunk just a few days ago and they should be here tomorrow. I ordered: the Prinz, the natural mixed bristle dandy brush and the natural dandy brush. I’m really excited to try them. My horse is really furry, so sometimes we have a static problem, or tiny pieces of hay and junk caught down in his coat. So I’m anxious to try the dandy brushes especially. I had already liked TTT on Facebook and instagram, so now I’ve reposted. Love all these contests lately!


    1. I definitely notice less static building up in my natural bristle brushes than I did with the old synthetic ones. Sometimes if Henry is particularly staticy I’ll rub him down with a dryer sheet before I brush him and that tends to nip it in the bud, too.

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      1. that is interesting about the static. i have that issue too with Remus. Annoying to shock yourself and your horse it is!


        1. I spend the winter with dryer sheets everywhere. I hate getting shocked by my car too so I keep a couple in there. I run a dryer sheet through Henry’s tail a couple times a week and that keeps most of the static away. And I absolutely will not put anything fleece anywhere near my horse.


          1. I keep dryer sheets around as well, but I also will spritz him with the healthy hair care moisturizer spray when he’s been blanketed a lot. I’ve also sprayed him with static guard, which works if your horse is not afraid of aerosol cans. Sometimes I will just spritz his tail with the HHC if I’m not doing anything else that day. Eliminating 100% polyester fleece has made a big difference. I have an Eskadron Dralon cooler that is a good percentage cotton and I’ve never had a static issue with it.


  2. I never do contests (cause i never win) but this one looks like a good one. 🙂 those brushes look so nice and i just want to touch them in person LOL And whatever makes delicate hot house flower Henry happy must be good 🙂


  3. I ordered a few things from Teddy’s after your last review and loved them so much that I ordered a couple of more things. (Let’s face it, being a trainer means that I need more brushes because I brush more horses, right?) I received that order promptly and love everything. The customer service is the best. I received a hand addressed envelope a few days after my order, with the brush care info they usually include with the order. There was a post it attached stating that they had inadvertently neglected to include the care info with my order and they wanted t make sure I had it! Now, that’s customer service! Thanks again, Amanda for the great advice. My horses thank you… my husband, not so much! Haha!


  4. I’m in. I need a new set of brushes for the new pony that I’m about to start looking for. And I’ve been coveting these since your review. Whoo!


  5. This is a really timely post for me considering I’ve been contemplating tossing all my brushes and getting a new set. I have to confess though it’s very hard for me to buy brushes offline without getting to touch them. I tend to use softer brushes overall, and I made the move to natural bristles a while ago, so these might just be the next buy for me!


  6. No Instagram, but like on FB. A gift cert would make an awesome bday gift, just sayin….. 😉

    I’m old, so I have some Equerry wood backed natural bristle brushes in my kit that I adore. Would love to get some Leistners to keep them company!


  7. Liked on FB and followed in Insta.

    Can you comment on the Prinz vs a Beastie? I know you said Henry doesn’t like stiff bristles, and I believe this brush is on the softer side. Is it firm enough to do the work of a traditional dandy? I’m like Goldilocks with dandies; hate them too hard, hate them too soft. I LOVE Beasties but I haven’t replaced my dandy yet after the fire as they aren’t the easy (or cheap) to get in Canada. I’d be interested in another option from a fellow Beastie user.


  8. Just bought the “Champion” brush set from them and I am checking my tracking number every 30min.
    I’m just a little stoked for fancy brushes.


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