Weaning time and baby names

Last week while I was getting ready to leave the barn I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw a missed call and voicemail from Sadie’s lessee, Michelle. Like most horse people, when I see a voicemail from someone who cares for one of my horses, my heart immediately skips a few beats.

I hit play and my ear was immediately assaulted by very very loud baby horse screams. Lots of them. Very high pitched. On and on and on. Then I hear Michelle’s voice say “Just thought I’d involve you in the weaning process…” and just about died. Most hilarious voice mail ever. Well, at least for someone who has been through the weaning process before and knows how annoying those sad baby horse screams can get. She also texted me this video of poor baby Merlin being Very Pissed Off about the loss of his milkbar. His new 2yo friend is a poor substitute, he says.

Ah, weaning. Fun times. But now that Merlin is officially weaned and Sadie is spending her evenings in the barn under lights, that means it’s almost time for the fun to begin. That’s right – breeding season is just around the corner. The idea is to start early because a) this will be the first time using frozen on Sadie so we want to make sure we have plenty of time for multiple attempts, if necessary b) it’s Texas, we can start early.

Hey there Mama Mare

When Sadie’s dam was bred (in 2006… oh my god has it been 10 years of this already?) I picked out a name before Sadie was even conceived. Well, a registered name at least. She was Westbound before she even existed. I had the barn names narrowed down before she was born – Stella or Sadie for a filly, Bodie for a colt. I’m one of those super weird people that want the name to have something to do with at least one parent, and the barn name has to have some relevance to the registered name. Her sire was Westporte, she became Westbound, and the potential barn names all had something to do with the Wild West.

So of course it makes sense then that I’m getting pre-excited about the as yet non-existent Mighty Magic embryo. I’ve been jotting down potential registered names and barn names for months now, because what else does a crazy horse person daydream about?


               Mighty Love WTW 

               Magico WTW – barn name Mago (Mah-go).

               Magic Word WTW- barn name Presto, obviously!

               Magique WTW – barn name Magie (french word for magic, since Mighty Magic stands in                France. It’s pronounced like Majie. Yes I’m overthinking this.)

And then the Potter Nerd in me takes over and starts screaming things like Mighty Marauder! Malfoy!  McGonagall! Magic Quill! Mighty Gryffindor! Mighty Sirius (haha see what I did there?)!

It is surprisingly difficult to come up with an M name that I like. Granted, you can put Mighty in front of just about anything and make it work. Good thing I’ve got over a year to think about it.


44 thoughts on “Weaning time and baby names

  1. Poor Baby! But I can not stop watching this video. Love that right front kick-out move. Or is this something they all do? Reminds me so much of a human toddler not getting what he wants.


  2. ha how bout Magic Mike? 🙂 i know too pedestrian 🙂

    I cannot believe it has been 10 years since Sadie was conceived. I remember all that drama still:) LOL here we go again. Buckle up people it is going to be a bumpy ride 🙂



      1. i knew you would say that (and i too think it is gross but wanted to get you going). 🙂 I still remember you ditching me to go watch Hope give birth 🙂 LOL


    1. It’ll be Hanoverian/Holsteiner/TB (about 75% tb and the rest split equally between HAN and HOL). My mare is 16.3+ and the sire is 16.2 so I doubt it’ll be small! Merlin is Sadie’s first foal and he’s a giant.

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  3. first of all. Merlin. omg. secondly – i am excited for this as-yet-nonexistent MM baby in a way that is maybe kiiiinda weird for an internet stranger. just saying. also i kinda like Presto! or the french names. good luck choosing! oh, and with all the other stuff too lol.


  4. Babies are exciting! Your names are all very nice. Better than the typical TB name- “Gambler’s Route” is mine’s reg name. Like why? They need to be more creative


  5. I am kinda obsessed with names and I just have to give my 2 cents. Magic Word is a cool registered name but then in combination with the barn name Presto, it is just awesome! Presto is such a unique call name. Love it!


  6. I’m in love with the name Magic Word and Presto! That’s really awesome. I too already have Jetta’s future baby named, at least the registered name. I have a filly barn name picked out too, but not a colt name. Just slightly obsessive since I probably won’t breed Jetta for another year or two…


  7. I may also be a huge Potter fan and I am diggin the Potter names. I am stuck on Mad-Eye Moody, Mighty Mugwump, Minister of Magic, Metamorphmagus, Mandragora, etc. I would say Moaning Myrtle, but uhhh, perhaps moan shouldn’t be in a name.


  8. Love it! I took a long time naming Indy. I had an idea of a registered name, but wanted to wait till he came out. Of course, I thought it was going to be a filly! Then it took me about a week. I wanted to get to know him better and see what he was like before naming him something.


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