New family member

That’s right, not even one week into the new year and I can already check off a goal – a truck has been purchased.


I really didn’t plan on buying one for another month or two, but on New Years Eve my Pontiac (the relic that she is) started making quite a magnificent sound. Imagine if a family of gnomes were trying desperately to claw their way out from under the hood… that’s the noise. The issue is basically catastrophic so the Pontiac has been sitting in my work parking lot ever since, and I went into emergency truck buying mode.


After a whirlwind of pre-approvals, internet scouring, approximately 5 bajillion phone calls, and running through Plans A, B, and C… here we are. Luckily I found a 2011 Titan in my price range with only 48k miles a mere 3 hours away in Houston. She is super super basic – her most noteworthy features are cupholders and a radio that works – but she’s in good shape, can get me around, and can very very easily pull my trailer.


First purchase for the truck? A new USEA magnet that isn’t all janky looking like my current one. It was $1.50 shipped and should be here in a few days. Big spender. Then she got some Husky all weather floor mats (because my life is muddy). Tomorrow she’s getting a new, beefier hitch installed. It’s not as exciting buying car stuff as it is buying horse stuff.

Yep… that’s a floor mat…

What I really want, eventually, is an air mattress and truck tent for the bed, so I can camp at shows instead of paying for hotel. As long as it’s not 40 degrees or 100 degrees, I’d be 100% down for that. Then I could park and sleep wherever I wanted!

The only thing I can’t settle on is a name, I’m still mulling that over. First I thought Freedom – because that’s exactly what she represents for me, but it’s a little cheesy. Then I thought Guinevere (which means “the white enchantress”) because that’s one of the first songs that came on the radio when I was driving her home. But then again, maybe I should stick with the Black Betty/Betty White theme and call her Bea. Or so I thought, until Google told me that Bea Arthur didn’t actually like Betty White and now I’m feeling all superstitious about it. So uh… maybe Rue?

Tough decisions, y’all… tough decisions. But I’m SO EXCITED to FINALLY have a truck!

36 thoughts on “New family member

  1. Truck and trailer. The promised land. Your life will change for the better immediately 🙂 Now get Black Betty fixed up! I am serious. I never thought that having a truck and trailer would be so FREEING but it is.
    I just love being able (on a snap decision no less) to hook up and go somewhere. And not have to dither or discuss with other people. just go. I havent even had my trailer a year yet and I cant even REMEMBER what it was like to beg rides or have to go to someone else’s schedule.

    A friend of mine goes with someone else all the time who shows up 2 hours late EVERY SINGLE TIME. I always tell her seriously get a trailer if you can possibly swing it (and truck too) cause that shit drives me CRAZY. FREEDOM!

    YAY i am so happy for you!


  2. Congrads! I don’t even remember what it’s like to not have a rig – you’ll love it.

    Finding a place to park your truck in a busy grocery store lot is somewhat of a beotch, however. Parking downtown – it’s pointless to even try.


  3. Congrats on the new truck, she’s so pretty!! My mom has those floor mats and LOVES being able to hose them off. I think they’re a requirement for any horse person.

    Also, Guinevere is one of my all-time favorite EYB songs 😉


  4. We bought matts almost immediately for our truck too. We went for weather tech. I like them a lot. especially the big one in the back that protects the floor from the dogs.



  5. WOHOO!!! Very nice! my mom actually got me Husky floor mats for Christmas, but I haven’t have time to put them in yet. Life is muddy indeed.


  6. Ahhhhh yay!! Freedom!!!! *american flag emoji*

    Those liners will be a lifesaver with horses. Love mine.

    My first truck was called Big Sexy and now the current one is Casper. Feel free to use either of those haha.



  7. Exciting, congrats!
    I did not know they made such a thing as truck tents and mattress. But it’s obviously a great idea, so of course they make them!


  8. I didn’t know they made trunk tents or those truck bed air mattresses! I think I need them. Though the times I’ve slept in my truck I just have regular camping mattress pads and I put the camper shell on the back. It worked pretty well, but now I want the real deal… Have fun with your freedom!


    1. Yep, it’s a standard length. Although you can also buy tents and mattresses that accommodate the length with the tailgate dropped, so that gives you another foot or so of length beyond just the bed.


  9. Loving the truck tent- I didn’t even know they made those (but I’m not surprised). Congratulations on the new rig! Can’t wait to hear about the adventures it takes you on.


  10. The Irish name Saoirse means freedom, that’s what I call my fairy tattoo as that’s what she represented to me when I got her over a decade ago *gulp*

    Google for pronunciation, I’m afraid I’m rubbish at phonetics – sorry.

    Massive congrats on the purchase though, she’s a beaut! As for camping in the bed…AWESOME (said in a sing-song voice)


  11. Having a truck and trailer of your own is incredibly liberating! I joined the club myself last year! 😀

    I vote for Blanche! It means “white” after all. 😉


  12. Not sure if you get notifications on super old blog comments, but maybe you do! If not, I’ll find another stalkerish way to get ahold of you. I’m about a year behind your truck/trailer situation. I currently have a janky ass old trailer that I co-own with a friend, but neither of us have a vehicle to pull with. I’m wondering how you’re liking the Titan? I’d be going from a Honda Civic (read: easy as hell to park) to a truck (read: not something I really want to do, but horse trumps parking ease). 🙂


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