Horse show hangover

I have serious horse show hangover this morning, and I didn’t even go to a horse show. The Hawley Bennett clinic was this weekend, and Henry and I both had a great time.

Henry’s idea of a great time

He had an even better time yesterday when he realized it was XC day and proceeded to show everyone how he thinks he’s destined for greatness. My arms, shoulders, and abs are very sore this morning… kinda feels like I got hit by a truck, but upper body only. I appreciate the boldness Henry, but it’s time to try a Dr Bristol (anybody got one for sale?).


The weather was perfect, the venue was beautiful, lots of friends came, and I was in a group with my trainer on her green horse, so it was all together a pretty perfect setting. We didn’t do anything big, the emphasis was on technical exercises (including a canter pole exercise from hell that will definitely make it into my regular rotation)… exactly what I was hoping for.

a video still (with a bonus finger)

I’m still working on getting the videos and pictures together to write a proper recap, so you’ll have to wait til tomorrow for that.

As for this week, it’s supposed to rain today and tomorrow so I figure now is the perfect time to start my dressage saddle dyeing project. Hopefully I don’t totally destroy it. Here goes nothing!

11 thoughts on “Horse show hangover

  1. Rain again? seriously? looks like it was a gorgeous weekend for you thank goodness. Henry says mom just let HIM do it, he needs no help from you ๐Ÿ™‚

    love the photos. good luck on saddle…gulp.


  2. So excited for the recap, and also loving the new banner thing. Also, don’t think it’s a Dr. Bristol, but I have something similar that I never use. I’ll send you a picture next time I’m at the barn if you haven’t already found something.


  3. I probably have a Dr. Bristol that I’d be willing to part with. If its the one I am thinking of, its a D Ring. Keep us updated on the dyeing project, I may be purchasing a beater dressage saddle that will be in desperate need of a dye job. ๐Ÿ™‚


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