Trading Up – aka how I can justify anything

It’s no secret I love nice things. Love them a lot. Sadly, I don’t have a bank account that permits me to go around buying all the nice cool stuff I want… one of life’s biggest injustices. So when I see things that I must have, I usually play this little game with myself that I like to call Trading Up (yes, I might have issues).

Basically I can only buy said item if I sell the item I’ve already got that’s like it, or enough other stuff to make up the price difference. This is why I try to buy stuff as cheaply as possible, because some day it’ll probably be on the rotation out. I recently did a massive purge of stuff, so we all know what that means. UPGRADES! I recently sold off everything in my breeches collection that I wasn’t wearing, specifically because I needed to buy another pair of whites. Behold said whites.


They’re La Valencio’s, just like my current whites, which I bought from Divoza in the Netherlands. I had a coupon code (because always always coupon code) so before I checked out I decided to take a quick glance at the sale section. Why do I do that? Why? It’s a trap. What I did I see there, staring at me with their big puppy dog eyes, begging me to take them home? Navy Lorenzinis. The ones I’ve been lusting after for months but could never justify the price tag. They were almost 40% off the best price I’ve ever seen anywhere else. So what did I do? Added them to the cart and sold a couple more things to make up the difference. There was nothing else I could do, obviously.

come to me, my precious

Not a new item but equally exciting – my Samshield finally came! She’s so purty. Too bad no one will know just how pretty she is until next show season. I need to take a pic of it with my coat so that it’s all matchy. Obviously I had to sell a lot of stuff to make this one happen, but it needed to. My current GPA is at the end of it’s life span so I needed a new helmet anyway. And one simply cannot buy a plain regular helmet when one is an eventer. Especially when said eventer already has a coat and Ogilvy pad (also bought via Trading Up) that are navy with yellow piping.


And since I had a remaining shop credit, I jumped on the chance to try out the new merino quarter zips from Kastel. The green one was calling my name. An atypical color choice for me but there’s just something about it…

There has also been some saddle shuffling and news on that front, but we’ll talk about that tomorrow. The struggle is real. Real painful.

I obviously have a lot of reviews to do in the coming months.

Somehow, out of all of this buying and selling, I still managed to come out of it in the black and put some dollars aside into the Black Betty Rejuvenation Fund. Trading Up… it’s a thing.

24 thoughts on “Trading Up – aka how I can justify anything

  1. Have you ever heard of thred up? It’s the same idea, but like a real business for fashion. You should start one for equestrians!


  2. I do this too 🙂 I have a pay pal account strictly for all my horse tack selling and purchasing so I can keep track of how much I have. The only time I don’t sell something to buy a replacement is when it breaks or gets lost (like my custom red mohair cinch I left at the trail head after a horrible Equathon outing).


  3. I’ve been doing that for my wardrobe via an app (Poshmark), but haven’t been so good at the bargain hunting for horse things. Teach us your ways!!


  4. Haha. I have a rule: tack money stays tack money. That makes it not so bad, I think. Plus then all my beautiful things stay in regular rotation and get seen instead of being hidden away. There is no reason to hide beautiful things.

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  5. This is a great idea. I have a bunch of things I’ve been holding onto for the just in case future when I might need it. You’re giving me motivation to get the $$$ I have locked up in that stuff.


  6. We got those Kastel jackets in a couple weeks ago. The green calls (loudly) to me every time I walk by it. It is taking everything I’ve got not put in my green-loving hands. …saving for a show… can’t show in a green fleece jacket..saving for a show…would look great everywhere but the show ring….save up for a show jacket


  7. So want that Kastel. Want all the Kastel. And I operate on the same “trading up” game. I’m pretty sure I’m close to neutral on all of my purchases, due to some big profits on items. Yay eBay!

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  8. lol I do this all the time and justify it to my husband but he just laughs. I love my matching outfits and can’t help shopping…….


  9. Gah! I have been dying to try one of those Kastel Merino Wool shirts but I can’t find them anywhere. Hope you do a review 🙂


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