What it’s like to be famous

I wouldn’t know of course, but Uni sure does. If you aren’t following her on facebook then you missed out on some pretty great pictures from Fair Hill:

David O’Connor can tame a unicorn without even trying
Colleen Rutledge and Jimmy Wofford have a slightly different tactic
Lucinda Green uses a little lovin’
Joe Meyer should know not to put his fingers in Uni’s mouth
Bobby Costello is trying a little good old fashioned oxygen deprivation
But Will Coleman, Sinead Halpin, and Hannah Sue Burnett just wanna party

Uni even made a cameo appearance in the official highlight video around the 2:50 mark:

The plan for Uni’s future has been updated a bit… instead of being auctioned off over the winter, we’re going to hold on to her and take her to Rolex for even more mingling with the stars. She can get more autographs from and photos with some international eventing stars, and thus be even more awesome. She’s going to be the most well connected unicorn in the business by the time she’s ready to go to her new home.


Side note: Yes, that means a Rolex trip is in the works. Brace yourselves, Kentucky. You’ve been warned. Is anyone else planning on going to Rolex? Possible meet up, perhaps?

25 thoughts on “What it’s like to be famous

  1. Rolex is the best. Not sure it’ll work out for me to go, but if I do go, definitely a meet up. I may end up making it to Austin before then, so hopefully a meet up one way or the other. 🙂


      1. hmmmm inneresting! there was a whole big group who went down from my barn last year (one of my barn mates is actually from kentucky) so idk if there are similar plans happening for next year or not.


  2. I’m headed to Rolex this year!! We should chat about the best/cheapest way to stay in Lexington, I’m looking into Air BNB and just cramming people in the room (or possibly crashing with a friend) but if a condo rental is cheaper, that would be badass!


    1. I found a great little house on Airbnb with 3 bedrooms that would out very cheaply per person. I just wish they didn’t make you pay in advance, I don’t have that much $ to shell out at the moment.


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