The weekend of Quinn

Happy to say that Quinn is now home with us! Adoption papers were signed, microchip information was transferred, and he happily loaded up and came home with his new people and dog friends.


We headed out on Friday morning with Delia and Stewie. The town where we were picking him up was about 4 hours away, so our plan was to take our dogs up on Friday, spend the afternoon at the nearby lake, and then go get Quinn on Saturday morning before coming home. We figured that would be better than subjecting them to an 8 hour car ride in one day. We got there, grabbed some lunch, and immediately headed to the lake. We planned to hike around the outer loop, which would have been about a 2.5 mile loop.


It was quite hot, but it was shaded and we had water and were in no hurry so I thought we’d be ok. Delia was loving it. Stewie hated it and wanted to die. We made it to the very first scenic lookout point, less than a mile in, and he plopped down and refused to move. Then the plan changed from doing the outer loop to turning around and going back the way we came, which required me cajoling and half carrying him at times. Delia was bummed. Stewie was thrilled.

hiking dog
not a hiking dog

Then we pretty much just vegged at the hotel for the rest of the evening, which Stewie seemed to much prefer, especially since we had a California King and both dogs could fit on the bed with us. Sunday morning we headed out of the hotel bright and early to make the 40 minute trek from where we stayed to where we were supposed to pick up Quinn. Both of our dogs were still pretty tired from the day before so when we pulled up to the park and got out, we had nice normal calm sedate dogs for the first meeting (muahaha planning success). Stewie was just like “Oh hey there, equally little dude” and Delia looked at him and walked away, completely disinterested. So much for being worried about their initial meeting.

QuinnStewie QuinnStewie1

Quinn was very sweet and came right up to us for pets. When I led him off with Stewie around the park he just fell right into step like this was totally normal and no big deal. We chatted a bit with the lady from the rescue, let the dogs hang out for a while, and then, with absolutely zero commotion, loaded him up and hit the road for home. He never looked back. Once we were rolling he laid down in the back of the SUV and slept the whole way, in various poses of adorable squishyness. I’m pretty sure I spent most of the drive turned around in my seat taking pictures of him sleeping.


On the way home we stopped at the pet store to get him his own collar and leash and let him pick out a toy. Once we finally got home he hopped out and waddled inside. He briefly looked around and checked out his new digs, wandered outside into his new yard, then came in and plopped himself down like “Ok cool, we’re home.”. Totally seamless. By the time he’d finished assessing that we were adequate, we’d already fallen in love with him. How could you not?



that butt ❤

Quinnbackyard2 quinnbackyardstewieQuinnsleep

Saturday evening and Sunday we just hung out around the house, getting acquainted, and getting started on teaching him hand signals. He doesn’t seem quite 100% deaf, he can hear it if you clap really hard, but he’s pretty darn close to it. As the weekend went on he definitely started looking for us, watching us, and wanting to follow us around, so we haven’t had any problems yet with getting his attention or keeping an eye on him. He’s a little bit of a velcro dog right now. Poor guy, I’m not sure that he’s ever had a ton of attention or been nearly as spoiled as our dogs are.

My view as I was getting ready for work this morning
I’m being watched

Basically we are in love with him already, he’s transitioned pretty seamlessly so far, and I think he’s starting to love us too. It really couldn’t have gone much better. Welcome to the family Mr. Quinn!

38 thoughts on “The weekend of Quinn

  1. I love you more for pointedly adopting a senior. ❤
    Certainly doesn't hurt that he's so freaking adorable. Also, nice Frankenstein pillow. 🙂


  2. OH. MY. That Face! Those eyes!!! I absolutely love his coloring. Full disclosure – I am not the world’s biggest corgi lover, but I think Quinn might have just made a convert out of me!


  3. Squeeeee!!! So adorable! I want 1…or 5 or a million. What a darling dog. And very nice of you and the man to adopt a deaf, older/adult dog. =)


  4. OMG so freaking cute!!! I love corgis!! Congrats on the new dog, and extra kudos to you for giving an older one a home!


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