A New 4-legged

Trying to be quick today, because we’re about to pack up and head out the door…

Anyone who knows me probably also knows that I really love corgis. I might be mildly obsessed. But, I already have a dog and Rob has a dog, so I’ve always just said “someday” I would get a corgi. Then a situation came up where a friend was looking for a home for their dog, and we talked about our capacity to add a third dog. We decided that we could do it, but that particular dog ended up not needing a new home after all. It didn’t take long for my thoughts to click over to “well… we could fill that third spot with a corgi…”. Rob was not so enthused about the idea originally, but he said if I could find one from a rescue type situation that needed a home, and preferably one around the age of our current dogs (7 and 10), he’d be ok with it. We have a “no buying dogs, must adopt” policy in our house.

Bat Dog and the Terriorist

After a little bit of emailing to the corgi rescue groups in Texas, I struck gold. One of them had a deaf 8yo corgi that had come to the rescue a couple months before, but she hadn’t listed him for adoption because she didn’t think he’d find a good home. His age fit right in with our two current kiddos, and the deafness issue doesn’t really bother us. I talked about him a lot with the rescue, talked about the two dogs I already have, went through the adoption application process, did a home visit, and got approved, all of which took a while to get done. So this weekend we are finally on our way up to North Texas to get him. I never wanted to say anything about all the “adoption proceedings” on here, lest I jinx anything, but now that we’re at the very end of it hopefully I’m safe. Knock on wood.

corgi eyes pierce the soul

We’re taking our two dogs with us to meet him and make sure everyone gets along. They’re pretty laid back and supposedly Quinn is too, so I’m hoping it’ll be uneventful, and then we to bring him home. Fingers crossed everything goes well! ERMAGERD CERGI!

Tell me your corgi name, because I’m endlessly amused by this. Captain Squiggy Bunnybottom, signing off.



41 thoughts on “A New 4-legged

  1. Duchess Waffles Mcnubbin says congrats! Welcome to the herd, Quinn! And wasn’t your pumpkin horse a Quinn?:)


  2. Funny his name is Quinn!? good luck and he looks great. Once Alf (He who must not be named and may well live forever :)) goes we will get another and i would LOVE to have a corgi. Damn my antiroyalist British hubby. So will have to live thru you having one….


  3. Princess Squiggy Fluffybutt! My two corgis really, REALLY approve this message! Annie (Angharad Wetrat Woodcock) and Sparky (Sparky DANGAR Dog) would like to inform everyone that corgis are the best dogs ever and you should pet them now. Start making up your corgi songs now … it’s inevitable. 🙂


  4. Princess Squiggy McDrummies. Yay, bunny butts. So glad you are finally getting your corgi. I’d say we should have a corgi play date, but who am I kidding, Rusty thinks he’s human and that other dogs are beneath him. Although he does get along with other corgis better than dogs in general.


  5. Lady Squiggy McPantaloons, haha!

    I have a deaf Aussie. Rescued him at 5 months old from people who owned him for two months and they had no idea he was deaf. We figured it out in two days. Now he is 10 and has been the best dog ever! He knows all dog commands through hand signals, comes to flashing porch lights when he goes out in the dark, you can clap or stomp to get his attention (to feel the vibration), and we trained our Sheltie to “go get him” if he is too far away and we need him back. I’m sure you can find deaf dog resources, but I’m sure I can help a little if you have questions. Not everyone is up for the challenge, so I’m excited to hear you guys are giving Quinn a home!


  6. Sir Pickles Bunnybottom. Ha! Also I love the shirt at the top; Harry Potter is my obsession and the best book series ever. The Corgi so cute! I hope all goes well with the adoption!


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