Fun outing at Granger Lake

As I briefly mentioned yesterday, Brandy and I were able to dodge rain storms well enough to fit in a trail ride at Granger Lake on Sunday. I’ve been to Granger Lake before for camping and kayaking, but I’ve never ridden on the equestrian trails. It’s mostly open grassy fields, with just a few short detours through trees. It’s actually kind of perfect for conditioning work.

OMG whurr is we? There is so much NATURE! Nature eats horses.


nevermind, there’s cookies in here

We got there, unloaded, and tacked up quickly. Henry gave me the big eyeball like “What fresh hell is THIS?”. Poor horse, it’s a new adventure every weekend. For such a big brave event horse who never bats an eye on cross country, he sure did start out awfully looky. In Henry’s mind, unknown things are only safe if you’re cantering. Walking is when they eat you. So we snorted past the picnic table, and the gate, and the stick, and the bush, and the trees, and had a small baby cow at the super tiny water crossing (next time I’ll guess I’ll just canter it instead of trying to walk over it, I mean COME ON Henry are you serious).

Can’t cross giant river. Horse eating piranhas live in there.


Scary stick over there. Very scary stick. Horse eating stick. I think it moved.


Auto, they brought us here to kill us and eat us.



Then once we started trotting he put his brain back in his head and chilled out, so after a couple trot sets we mostly just meandered around on the buckle. The storms were rolling in all around us the whole time, which made for some neat pictures.

This area had obviously been flooded recently

Finally towards the end Henry seemed to actually relax and enjoy himself. He was no longer snorting at everything and walking around poised for a hasty exit at the first sign of trouble. Although he did leave poor tired Auto in the dust with his power walk.

buh-bye Auto! Don’t get eaten!

It was a nice fun outing, and only about a 30 minute haul down the road. Hopefully we’ll be able to go back regularly throughout the summer. It’d be an awesome place to do some gallops, with those long grassy stretches. But next time I’m not going first through the wooded areas… taking down all the giant spiderwebs with my face was horrifying.



24 thoughts on “Fun outing at Granger Lake

  1. Spiderwebs don’t freak me out near as much as rattlesnakes. Apparenlty my horse doesn’t recognize rattlesnakes as a threat as he damn near cantered right over one out there last year – and it was loud so I know he heard it but never missed a beat!. Scared me so much I haven’t been back. I suppose they are everywhere in Texas but that is the only place i’ve encountered them on horseback.


  2. take a fly whisk with you and bushwhack all the spiderwebs into oblivion 😀

    also, i guess isabel and henry are water opposites – little streams and stuff are nbd to her, but those water complexes are something awful…


    1. It was so tiny. And so shallow. And Henry was like OMG WTF IS THAT? For real dude… you just did an event with two water crossings, neither of which you’d ever seen before in your life, and you gave 0 shits. The world is different when it’s nature and you’re walking.


  3. My creature is the same. We can belt down a long stretch of unfamiliar territory flat-out and she only spooks and snorts when we pull up to catch our breath.


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