Review: The Herbal Horse fungus salve

I first heard of The Herbal Horse on Instagram, but to be honest I didn’t pay them much mind at first. With all of the “natural” junk that’s out there these days that never works I have a big healthy dose of skepticism aimed at most of it. When Beka at The Owls Approve posted about some of their products it piqued my interest again but I still didn’t bite. Finally THH offered to make up some small samples of a few things for me to try and I decided to bite the bullet.

I got the Heal Quick, the Saddle Butter, and some Fungus Among Us salve. I’ll be reviewing them one at time as I use them and come to solid conclusions on how I feel about each product. First up – the Fungus Among Us.

Henry has had these two funky little spots behind his ears since last summer, one on each side. I’ve tried fungus shampoo, fungus spray, you name it. Nothing has really made much difference in the scaly flaky spots. To be honest, I really did not expect this to work either.

THH’s etsy listing lists the ingredients of Fungus Among Us as: essential oils, organic EVOO, organic beeswax, organic coconut oil, Vitamin E oil. The scent of it is really nice… earthy but not super pungent. I wasn’t very good at following the directions, which say to apply it once or twice a day to the affected area. I applied it once then went to Belgium, applied it again one time 10 days later, then forgot about it for a couple days, applied it once a day for two days in a row, skipped another couple days, then applied it again. So that’s five applications now and already I feel confident enough to give a verdict. I’ll be damned… this stuff is actually working.

To keep a “control group” I only used it on one side and left the other side untreated. Here’s what the untreated side looks like… this is what both sides looked like to start with. The spot is a couple inches wide and a couple inches tall with lots of flaking and crustiness all around.

Here’s what the treated side looked like after two applications

And here’s what it looks like now after just 4 applications

This is the best it’s looked since this crap first started so many months ago. Now that I’m confident it’s definitely working, I’ll start treating the other side too.

The consistency of the salve varies a little bit depending on temperature. When I first got it we were in the low 50’s and it was pretty solid. I used my fingernail to help scrape up a pea sized amount and just smeared it on. Now that we’re in the 80’s it’s easy to just get a little on my finger.

I love that The Herbal Horse is a small business (shocking to all of my readers I’m sure) and that all of their products are organic and natural. Of course, I love even more that it actually does what it says it’ll do. I almost can’t wait for Cannon Funk Season so I can try it out on that awful stuff! If you’ve got a horse prone to fungal or bacterial skin funk, I think Fungus Among Us is worth a try. The 1 oz tin is $8, the 2 oz tin is $12 and the 4oz tin (which would last you quite a while I think) is $23. Even better, you can use it on yourself or your dogs too.

Next victim, the Saddle Butter…

21 thoughts on “Review: The Herbal Horse fungus salve

  1. I’m currently trying this on a portion of Stampede’s permanent leg crust. Since not even my prescription stuff from the vet has gotten it to stay away I don’t have much hope, but I figured it was worth a try. Since it’s cold here in MI (still) I put it in my pocket so it’s against my body to warm up before I’m ready to put it on, works really well.


  2. Hmm, may be worth a try for my mare. She developed a quarter-sized scaly, bald patch on her neck shortly after I got her. Vet and previous trainer both thought perhaps it is a flat sarcoid. But it is scaly and gross looking. Thanks for the review and the photos! Really curious about the saddle butter too!


  3. You almost made me wish Courage was a funk horse so I could try it. Alas, all we do is get rubs from air. Good to know, though. I like the trial method to determine if it actually does anything.


    1. I’ll be trying the Heal Quick as soon as Henry has something that needs to be healed (should be any minute now judging by his track record)… that might help the rubs?


    2. My Healthy Hair has helped blanket rubs. It’s gentle and promotes healthy skin & hair- naturally of course. Heal Quick is a good all around salve that is gentle enough to be used as a daily antibacterial moisturizer as well as healing wounds etc. 🙂 I hate blanket rubs myself!


      1. I tried the Healthy Hair on a small blanket rub, and it works really, really well! Plus everything I’ve tried from Herbal Horse smells delicious.


  4. Thank you so much for your honest review! I too am a skeptic- which is mainly why I decided to make my own treatments. So glad it could help Henry. I find that almost every horse has some random area of funk that is almost impossible to get rid of. But so far the FAU has worked on everything I have put it up against!

    If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at


  5. awesome that it’s working! my mare doesn’t get too many nasties – sometimes just the tip of her ears and her hind cannons get a little grungy. i usually treat with MTG but perhaps this stuff is worth a shot?


  6. Awww… I’m glad you tried it and I’m glad you liked it! Helen’s the best. 🙂 I don’t have the Fungus Amongus, but I freaking love the Heal Quick and Healthy Hair. I’m interested to see how you like her Saddle Butter.


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