Weekend recap: getting acquainted with Devoucoux

USPS for the win – the Devoucoux arrived on Saturday. I may or may not have been outside in the driveway stalking the mailman. I may or may not have opened the box IN the driveway because I couldn’t handle myself. Whatever. She’s beautiful.


I’m really pleased with the condition, it’s in good shape and the panels literally look brand new, there’s nary a scratch or rub on them. As soon as I pulled it out of the box I stuck it in the car and went to the barn to try it out. It fits Henry pretty well and I find it SUPER comfortable. My leg seemed to just fall exactly where it was supposed to go, no effort required, and I really love the narrower twist. I did a quick ride in it and Henry felt great – dunno if it’s the saddle or the chiro or both but he gave me two stretchy trot circles. So far so good… I think it’s a keeper. I’ve never had a monoflap before so I was really surprised by how light it is, and I love the leather. Now I can’t wait for the dressage shaped Ogilvy and calfskin leathers to come so it’s appropriately outfitted. Yes this means I’ll have a lot of stuff for sale soon!

I ended up working on Sunday morning and wasn’t planning on riding, but peer pressure won out and I ran out to the barn to beat the cold front. Of course, as soon as I got on and started trotting the wind really picked up and so did a lovely freezing cold drizzle. Princess Henry was NOT amused. I wasn’t amused either, I’d been riding in t-shirts all week. I did a quick 10 minute warm-up and then hopped him over a few fences before running back into the barn where it was warm(er) and giving him lots of cookies for being a good sport. It was not beautiful course work by any means but he was a trooper and stayed rideable (even in just his sidepull) despite being mad and cold and rained on, so we’ll call it a win.

You should really watch the video all the way through the very end to see the surprise. Thanks Bobby.

Henry Feb 22 from amanda chance on Vimeo.

I also Harry Potter-fied my schooling pad, because I just felt like I had to do something to make dressage more fun. Ironing is about as crafty as I get, so this was manageable.

Otherwise it was just a typical weekend of spin, food, and a little bit of much needed down time. And guess what: ONE WEEK TIL EUROPE!

PS – my horse is a derp.

32 thoughts on “Weekend recap: getting acquainted with Devoucoux

  1. I know everyone else is saying this too – but holy cow is that saddle gorgeous. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a prettier dressage saddle. *drool*


  2. I really am developing a thing for monoflap saddles. The lightness. The ease of cleaning. The closer leg contact. Sigh… “I cannot afford to saddle shop. I cannot afford to saddle shop…”


  3. I have always loved the Frenchie saddles. Your saddle is totally gorgeous and it sounds like a great price too…worth the wait! Sadly my current horse’s back is opposite of French saddle shaped. Maybe someday I’ll have another one again!


  4. Gorgeous saddle!!! So happy you love it! Nice video too – but wow what are the measurements on those one stride lines? Henry’s got quite the step! Also, I kinda love the little roll top fence. Maybe if I had one that size to practice on the bigger ones wouldn’t freak me out? Lol


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