Review: Bobbigee’s custom baby pads

I am and always have been a lover of the baby pad, but as most of you already know by now, I am and always have been really picky too. I don’t like pads that are too short, too long, have straps where I don’t want them, don’t have straps where I do want them, are a weird shape, or a weird fabric. Plus I want them in particular colors. Good luck with that.

For a long time I used Wilker’s baby pads, and I liked them fine but didn’t love them. Then I tried the Eous pads since they had the wither contour and girth straps but they were super long so I had to cut them down to fit (which involved taking them apart at the top, cutting down, and re-sewing. Total PITA). Finally I came across Bobbigee’s on eBay, saw their huge list of options, and decided to give them a try.

My first order was tentative – one for me and two for friends. I didn’t get any special options except piping (base price of $18 includes your choice of trim color and a name or monogram embroidery) because I mostly just wanted to see what they looked and felt like. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality – I liked them more than my Wilkers for sure – so I ordered a couple more. I’ve been using the same few pads in rotation for over a year now and they still look great.

One of the best things about BobbiGee’s IMO is all the custom options. From a wither contour cut to girth straps to thickness to length to colors to embroidery, they can make just about anything you want, and for very affordable prices. To get a custom one-color logo put on one side of the pad is $3.50, or you can do both sides for $5! I haven’t found a price like that – with zero minimum and zero fee to convert to digital image – anywhere else. Not to mention that every logo they’ve done for me has come out really well. They obviously take the time and effort to do it right, and it shows. The finish of the pads is really well done too, the trim and piping are straight and sewn without flaw – very professionally done.

As can be common with baby pads due to how thin they are, I had a few problems with my regular basic rectangle ones slipping back sometimes. So when I had my new $900 fb pony logo pads made, this time I opted for a wither contour cut ($9) and girth loops ($4). That did the trick perfectly, and now I have zero issues with my pad moving. I also really love how the upgrades made it look – very classy!

Bobbigee’s pads are made of basic cotton with polyester batting. No rocket science materials here but they hold up well and do their job well. My white ones of course have gotten a little stained over time although the fabric just seems to get softer and softer with each wash, and the stitching and embroidery have been rock solid. I haven’t had any issues with colors bleeding or the pads shrinking, although I line dry them and then toss them in the dryer for a few seconds on low heat. The standard dimensions have worked really well for me (using a 17.5″ CWD and an Ogilvy) but Brandy’s dressage pad is too short across the top, so if you’re ordering for a dressage saddle or a larger seat size, double check the dimensions you need against their standard dimensions. They will make custom sizes if you need it.

Ordering is a little odd since they don’t have their website completed, but you can either do it through their eBay listing or directly via email to, and they also have a facebook page. Sometimes it takes a couple days to get a response but IMO these pads are worth the wait.

23 thoughts on “Review: Bobbigee’s custom baby pads

  1. They are awesome and very, very helpful over email. They have added extras on mine that I didn’t ask or pay for, but let me have them anyway. One one pad, they put the girth loops and on a couple other they put embroidery on both sides at no extra charge. They’re wonderful people, great pads and the price is even better.


  2. After I saw you post a comment on someone’s blog (can’t remember who!) about them I searched a bit and found their facebook page and ebay store. Tried to ask if there was a way to see all their options on facebook and it has been a week with no response. I would definitely need custom sizing with my long flaps (EOUS pads barely fit my saddles!). Is contacting them by email the way to go?


    1. Mostly because they’re thinner, so if you’re using a half pad it puts less bulk underneath it. But I also prefer their feel, how easy they wash, and how quickly they dry.


  3. Wow, all of those pads are beautiful! I might have to look into buying some of these, they really look very professional and well done 🙂

    Your logo looks GREAT btw!


  4. These look amazing! Do they make standard pads too by any chance?

    I saw your comment above about why you use baby pads instead of regular pads. So if you weren’t using a half pad, would you use a regular pad? I like the thickness of baby pads and would like to switch to them, but I don’t use a half pad.


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