My favorite overseas tack/equipment sites

When you’re shopping for something specific or trying to find a good deal, sometimes shopping overseas can give you more bang for your buck or open up your options for more unusual items. Of course the flip side of the coin is that buying from a foreign shop or person can be a little bit nerve-wracking and intimidating. In this post I covered the basic ins and outs of how to go about buying from overseas.

breastplate from France, saddle from France, bridle from England, helmet from England

I had many requests asking which websites I would recommend, so here is a list of some that I have had positive experiences with. Or at least the ones I can remember… some transactions were so long ago I’ll probably never find my way back to them.


Equestrian clearance

Aztec diamond

Amira equi

Just riding

Red Post Equestrian

Selwood Equine (hint: join their mailing list for sale coupons)


The Netherlands:

Divoza (they also have regular coupon codes if you’re on their mailing list)







Kval Boutique Used saddles – inventory comes and goes pretty quickly but they’re well priced. Used saddle classifieds – direct link to Thierry de Verdelhan’s listings, the used saddle reseller I bought my CWD from. His inventory also comes and goes quickly, I would message him if you’re looking for something specific. more used saddle classifieds



PS of Sweden

bridle from England, saddle from France, breeches from England, helmet from England.

Also – never underestimate the power of another country’s eBay. It might take a little work on your part, as far as translating, contacting the seller to see if they’ll ship, figuring out payment, etc, but sometimes the savings can be worth it. The easiest way to find each eBay is to just go to Google and type “eBay France” or whatever country. Usually I hit the UK, France and Germany for sure, and sometimes Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden if I’m really scraping or think I have a better chance of finding a certain product there. Whatever item you’re looking for, it helps to know where the company is based and start there. Usually the easiest thing to do is search for a certain brand since that’s universal across all languages (ie Devoucoux, Animo, etc) but if you’re searching for a more general object, learn the word for it in whatever language you need. For instance, it’s really easy to hit up google translate and figure out that sattel, selle, sella, silla, sadel mean saddle. If it’s a more specific item google might not be of help, but usually with a little bit of sleuthing you can figure it out.

28 thoughts on “My favorite overseas tack/equipment sites

  1. So interesting! I have ordered my GPA from the UK and got a great deal on it, brand new. Whenever I am able to purchase a new used saddle I will have to hit up these suggestions.


  2. Out of curiosity: what did shipping your saddle(s) from overseas run you? Sorry if you already mentioned this, but I couldn’t find it… And now you have me saddle shopping.


    1. It depends on how they ship it. The first one came Colissimo International from France and cost $150. It took about a week to get here. This new one shipped DHL Paket which cost $50 and is going to take forever to get here. Like… I might see it in another 3 weeks or so…


  3. Hello Amanda! I am thinking about buying a sadlle from THIERRY DE VERDELHAN. Your saddle did arrive and everything ok with it? Just a bit worried to buy a saddle this way…


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