All about that lace

I have noticed a definite trend lately in the collections from many equestrian apparel companies: lace.

Aztec Diamond has it on breeches

and a shirt


Valentine Equine clearly loves lace and has several shirts with it, ranging from more basic



to much more bold


while Fior da Liso‘s Lacie shirt is more subtle.

Even bigger companies like Equine Couture




and Cavallo have items with lace.

Cavallo Delina Ladies Show Shirt - White

There are also lace stock ties, ranging from a whole lot of lace like this one from Dameron

to just a hint of lace like this one from ShowChic

Pink Lace & Pearl Detail Stock Tie


How about a show coat with lace on the collar like this one from Kentucky?

or lace boot socks, like these from Ariat

who also has a lace vest

You can even get a lace HELMET from KEP!

What do you think of the lace trend… would you wear any of these items? Personally I’m a huge fan of lace in general and would definitely like to have some of these things, but others are a bit too much even for me. I’d love to see more companies play around with lace on breeches… maybe just a little touch of it on the pockets? Especially if it was combined with leather – maybe lace backing on the pocket area and leather piping on the pocket edge? Someone get me a sewing machine. And fabric. And a person that can sew. And a designer.

38 thoughts on “All about that lace

      1. Those back keyhole-lace shirts fit that bill perfectly! Seriously though they are adorable.

        Also, the Aztec Diamond breeches with the lace where you’d only see it when your coat flew up a bit…. I think that would be adorable in the show ring.


    1. if it was black lace it wouldn’t be so bad. Or a white lace shirt wouldn’t be a big deal either. No more so than any of the other fabrics we use, anyway. 😉


  1. I also like the lace, and am loving the the equestrian world is trying to find a balance between “girly” and strong! I think having lace on breeches would be the way to go. 🙂 Let me know when you find that seamstress/designer!


  2. I like it in small doses. I don’t get how you are supposed to look classy in those lace-top shirts though… I don’t know about you, but I wear sports bras for riding. I ain’t about to get some fancy sort of undergarments just so I can wear a lace-top shirt!


  3. I’m not a super girly-girl, so I’ve never really been a fan of lace in general. And no offense to any of these companies (or to you), but lacy equestrian gear just doesn’t do it for me :-/ I’d much rather see some fancy-ness with clever piping or really nice finishes on a show coat or a really well-cut, well-made pair of breeches.


  4. I own the lace pair of Aztec Diamonds and I think they are just awesome. Haven’t gotten to ride in them yet, but I like the lace detail. I wold totally rock one of those lace shirts too!


  5. Not a fan of the lace…it seems like it would get so dirty on a show shirt and wear out – because it’s always so freaking hot and sweaty when we show, but we always have to wear jackets…I feel like it would be itchy. The stock ties I can dig.


  6. I like how some of it looks, like that Horseware shirt, but I just feel like anything with lace would rip or wear out so much easier! As far as standing out/ being unique in he show right, I’d rather have brighter color details than lace


  7. I was loving this up until lace vest. That was okay, but I lost it at lace helmet. Can’t do it. Otherwise, I love the lace. It’s easy to be edgy or classic with it. There is a saddlepad with lace on it somewhere on my Pinterest, but I think it was a custom job. It looked super cute.


  8. i like a lot of these looks in theory – but find that the reality doesn’t always work out… like the aforementioned sports bra issues, but also (and maybe this is just me) – laundering lace is always such a PITA and it never comes out the same… that jacket collar tho… i do like that one a lot 🙂


  9. I couldn’t do the shirts; I would destroy them. How would they not snag on EVERYTHING?!?! And the helmet is atrocious. But I actually really like the lace on the coat collar & the stock ties. Also, WHAT IS GOING ON with those white britches with the shiny gold full seat??? I can’t decide if I love them or if I’m horrified.


  10. I think the show coat is pretty, and subtle enough to be okay at smaller shows. Like everyone else though – LOVE the Horseware keyhole shirt!


  11. A lot of these are beautiful. To look at. I personally couldn’t wear them: lace makes me itchy, the kind with the mesh backing isn’t known for its breathability (unless they’re combining it with technical wicking fabrics), and the cleaning would be such a pain. Never mind the fact that even regular clothes are always getting snagged on everything when you’re around horses; lace would be a nightmare in that respect unless you’re just putting the shirt on to show and changing out of it immediately upon dismounting. It’s very pretty but to me it just seems hugely impractical for clothes meant to be worn for a sport. But that’s just my opinion. 🙂


  12. Love the ADE stuff, Fior da Liso & Horseware items – plus your idea sounds epic. Get on the hot line to ADE & patent that BA idea before someone else gets to it first!
    Leather + Lace without being OTT or in your face sounds divine to me ♡♡♡

    Must also state that I love the tops as stand alone items, I sadly don’t have any chance to show anymore but love them as potential office/everyday wear *whistles*


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