His butt is my canvas

Since Thursday is supposed to be rainy, I’ve picked it as the day for Henry’s third and final body clip of the season. All along I’ve had every intention of clipping something into his butt, but I have absolutely no idea what so I just haven’t done it. It seems like all the best ones have something to with the horse’s name:


Or an official brand or breed logo

Of course, Henry’s name is a “people” name, and his show name is Happenstance. I don’t really know of any shapes that immediately come to mind to reflect either of those. Not to mention that I don’t have super mad clipping skills or the little bitty clippers (or the patience) required for intricate designs.

Here’s where I need help – what’s a good, fairly simple design to put on his bum? I love stars but SB has already won the star game with C-rage, so anything I do will be second rate at best. I thought about a lightning bolt, only because a) it seems simple and b) it makes me giggle. It doesn’t really tie into his names at all though.

His registered name is He’salmostsweet because he was born the day before Valentine’s, but I fear that putting a heart on his bum will make me look like a 10yo ponykid who just loves her SNOOKUMS, like OMG. This is a pretty rad heart though:

I also thought about maybe a horseshoe, since Happenstance is kinda like luck? Help me out here, creative people! What do I clip into Henry’s bum?


30 thoughts on “His butt is my canvas

  1. heart. you ARE a 10 year old kid deep down inside! go for it! πŸ™‚ And i like that example fol the heart. cool looking….

    You could do a question mark as in I didnt know what would go here? πŸ™‚ LOL that would make people look.


  2. You could play off the Henry and something to do with a famous Henry… Perhaps something to do with the House of Tudor (omg history nerd) or even something like the old vintage Ford logo, or Henry Clay? We never got to do fun clipper things, so I’m not very good at this!


  3. Maybe you could do a new stencil and clip simplified version of your new logo? Or the Facebook f (and block)? Not as much focused on him as it on you. But it would be a social media hit.

    I also love stars so I would apologize to SB and do one anyways! Maybe like that heart you like, the outline.


    1. I thought about that, but not many people in “real life” know him as a blog pony, so I feel like it’d probably just look weird? He’ll still be sporting it for spring shows.


      1. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a blog connection though as didn’t you find him on fb hence the blogname. Rd people surely know that story, plus once you get your merchandise set up: baseball caps, firefly bonnets, Kastel shirts, ADE breeches etc etc – everyone will be rocking the logo but Henry will be the only one with it on his butt ☺


  4. I really like No Hour Wasted’s idea of the Facebook ‘f’ with a block. Seems easy enough to do, and definitely applies to Henry, since he is the $900 Facebook Pony πŸ™‚


  5. All the cool horses have stars. :-p And yes, they have them because stars are easy and even if your hand-drawn stencil is a lil’ asymmetrical, they still look awesome.

    Though I have to say I like the H idea.


  6. I think an “H” would be pretty cool! You can make it maybe a bit more stylized by making it a bit bigger and sweepy? I don’t know if that makes any sense, like making the vertical lines of the H more curved instead of straight?

    Just a thought! Clovers are cute too. πŸ˜‰


  7. I like the horseshoe idea, and that heart outline doesn’t look too pony kid either! You could always do a heart with an arrow through it or something like that to differentiate from pony kid hearts


  8. I am obviously a fan of letting your 10 year old kid freak flag fly — go for the heart! Trey really just wants his own little girl so very badly, that I did clip a heart into his butt this year. He is my training challenge. But I swear that heart on his butt makes me love him just a little bit more every time I see it because it reminds me that, while he can sometimes be a complete turd and press all my buttons, his heart really is in the right place. And, if I just look at him through the eyes of the adoring 10 year old girl he so deserves, training becomes easy.


    1. And what’s funny is that I looooved Trey’s heart, I thought it was so cute. But then for some reason I feel dumb putting a heart on my own horse. I’m ridiculous. Maybe he’s just getting a heart. πŸ˜‰


  9. I buy cheap (like 15-20$) clippers from Target to do faces. You could probably pick up a cheap pair to do a fancier H on his butt. You could also try a crown for all the royal Henrys.


  10. If simplicity it the goal, a lightning bolt is REALLY easy. But I think a calligraphy-type H could be really cool! It would just require chalk/stencils and teeny tiny blades…


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