Time to vote! Best Henry face of 2014.

This post was going to be my top 5 favorite Henry faces of 2014, but once I started looking through pictures I realized I couldn’t narrow it down to 5. So instead I pulled out all of my favorites… mostly silly faces but a few more “normal” ones too. Please scroll down through them all then vote for your favorite at the end!



#2 – Laughing at me behind my back when I tell friends how he almost killed me on XC


#3 – BOOP!


#4 – Just a little nibble..


#5 – ERMAGHERD it’s the FURRIER!


#6 – I derp so hard.


#7 – Feelin so fly like a G6


#8A (because I can’t count and messed it up the first time)  You can take away my bit, but you can never take away my TONGUE FREEEEDDOOOOMMMM


#8B – Come closer…


#9 – I is so abused




#11 – Dis is bullshit.


#12 – “Luke, I am your fatherrrrr”


#13 – NOMS!!!


#14 – Cookie, yes???


#15 – a new bridle is NOT my idea of a “fun present”, Mom.


#16 – Cross country is the best thing EVAR!




#18 – America’s Next Top Horse Model. Will work for cookies.


Vote away! I’ve allowed you to choose up to 3 different pictures, in case it’s too hard to pick just one.




22 thoughts on “Time to vote! Best Henry face of 2014.

  1. I second Allison, this was SO HARD. Henry wins at making the best faces ever, in the history of life! Thanks for letting us vote for up to 3, choosing just one would be impossible 🙂


  2. Seriously.. I love your ability to caption! Who hasn’t done the “Luke… I am your father” into a fan before??? I just never thought to see it in a horsey photo! Well done!! PS.. .I love them all…


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