Weekend recap: treating the winter blues

I know that a Texan complaining about winter is a lot like a Canadian complaining about summer, but man… we’re heat-acclimated… cold sucks. It sucks even more when it won’t stop raining.

Indoor and covered arenas aren’t that common in Texas, so when it gets really cold (which for us is 30’s) and wet (it’s never going to stop raining) we’re basically just grounded. I got to ride my horse two whole times last week. In the freezing cold and blistering wind, wearing pretty much every layer I own, and the second day was in drizzly sleet/rain. That was quite enough for both me and Henry I think. Of course, then it rained all weekend so now even though it’s warmed up a bit, it’s too slick and muddy to ride anyway. Whatever, I give up.

The look on his face says it all.

Luckily Friday’s mail day completely saved my otherwise epically grumpy mood. A package from PS of Sweden AND a package from Mango Bay! Plus on Thursday I had gotten my Aztec Diamond shipment from their awesome after Christmas 50% off sale, and Henry’s omeprazole. The PS package contained the blue Metallic Rock browband and a High Five breastplate, which I had to immediately run out to the barn and try on Henry. I’ll cover the details of the breastplate in a separate post once I get to play with it a little more.

So much fun stuff for me to sit inside and stare at lovingly – or in the case of the breastplate, hold up to my face and inhale deeply for a few minutes at a time for some leather aromatherapy. Take that, winter.

Aztec Diamond


It’s perfectly normal to take pictures of your breeches while you’re getting gas.


Omeprazole is exciting for different reasons.


Mango Bay!

And guess what this beautiful bundle is? Since SO was home when it got delivered (not that I’m stalking UPS or anything) I immediately made him open it and send me a picture.


Henry’s seal of approval

The only semi-perk of no real barn time is that there’s plenty of gym time, so I’ve been able to stay on track with the fitness goal pretty well with swimming and spin class. I completed week 1 of 0 to 1650 and started week 2. I used this program a few years ago when I was triathlon training to increase my endurance… it worked great then and is working just as well now. Week 1 Day 1 was hard, but week 2 Day 1 was so easy I skipped some of the rest breaks. The improvement comes so quickly and easily with swimming, I wish riding was like that! Brandy and I braved the “Ice Storm” (there were tiny icicles on my deck furniture) Saturday morning to hit spin class with what is, so far, the only instructor we like. We’re basically stalking him at this point as he travels from gym to gym for classes. At the end of every class he makes sure to tell us to get some protein within the next 30 minutes, so Brandy and I went to brunch after class and this happened. That’s protein, right? My hot chocolate was worth every calorie.

Otherwise the weekend was a lot of hand grazing and hand walking and warm grain mashes for dinner for Henry. He really loves his dinner in mash form, and I really love sneaking in as much water as possible in what is a higher colic risk time. I get a “free” half bucket just from soaking his dinner. Luckily he’s a good drinker anyway but a little more never hurt.

Mmmm mushy dinner

This week looks very un-promising for me riding wise. Today everything is still really wet, and I start barn-sitting tomorrow so I won’t have time to go out to the barn again until Sunday. Luckily Brandy volunteered to be his adopted slavewoman mom for the week and throw him extra hay, give him his Omeprazole, and ride him if it ever dries out.


31 thoughts on “Weekend recap: treating the winter blues

  1. yes that is cold for texas. even worse up here in the northeast but true enough if i lived in austin i would be fussing even more about the weather than i do in Delaware.

    My barn i am at now includes beet pulp in the winter for your horse. Morning and nite if you want it. I love that Remus gets a mushy meal twice a day and the more water they get in in sub arctic temps the better. And of course he never says no to more food!

    Isnt it sad that the only time i am truly warm is when i am at the gym either with my Personal Trainer or taking a class. I wish i could bundle that warmth up and take it with me for later.

    Glad you got a bunch of goodies. Hope it warms up and dries up for you soon. I get my riding fix through you in TX since WHO KNOWS when I will ride again (ring is still under a few inches of snow right now!). so i wait anxiously for the next blog about your riding!

    Today is supposed to be 37 (it is sleeting now though) so fingers crossed. Is it sad that 37 sounds tropical to me now?

    have fun barnsitting and drooling over horses! 🙂


  2. Love all the pretty new stuff! And I love Henry’s derpy “seal of approval” face too. Here’s hoping you guys can get some rain-free days soon 🙂


  3. I don’t care what anyone says, 30° is damn cold in the SW. I’ve worked in Canada in the winter and the well below subzero temps didn’t feel as cold as 30° does here to me. I hope that it warms up there soon. Love all the new gear!


    1. Canada is quite the big country, and some places get much colder than others here. We may not have changes that are as dramatic, but we too have varied weather. 😉


  4. I got the High Five breastplate a few weeks ago. I lovelove it. I also took the piece between the legs off (I couldn’t get it around my super wide girth with no D-rings) to make it a 4 point and I like it even more.


    1. I was pretty much just ecstatic that the piece that goes between the front legs to the girth was actually a normal length and not two feet too long like every other breastplate I’ve ever had! I can actually snap it to my girth and the length is perfect.


  5. I have been sitting on this for ages now, and I feel compelled to see if I have company. I feel like a leper right now.

    I might… kinda sorta… really hate the look of the PS of Sweden bridles. Am I the only one?! Their functionality sounds great but I can’t get past the aesthetics.


    1. You’re not the only one, some people dont like the look, although you’re probably the minority. 😉 I constantly have people asking me where I got my bridles. I was iffy on the look in the beginning but it definitely grew on me. Now I’m so hooked on the design and functionality of them, I think they’re far superior for the horse and IMO that’s the most important thing. Some models I really love the look of (like the High Jump and the Flying Change that I have), others I find less attractive. It’s not dissimilar from any other “anatomical” equipment like girths and halters… the look can be unusual (which some find attractive and others do not), but aesthetics aside it’s hard to argue with being more effective and comfortable for the horse.


        1. Hawk hates how they look too. And probably every single other very conservative or traditionalist person in the horse world. 😉 So, no.. you’re not alone. Just a matter of priorities and personal style really, like anything else.


  6. It’s probably a really good idea to sneak Henry extra water rations when the weather dips down like that. Neither of you guys being used to that sort of cold will put a damper on drinking. Our northern horses are often more used to the difficulties of winter, and drink better. Or maybe that’s just my camel. I swear, he tanks up on water more than any other animal I’ve seen. Even more than me!

    You have me wanting to get back to swimming. Well, okay, the ice storm this morning has me wanting to get back to swimming. I’m missing my cardio when running doesn’t happen due to ice or negative temperatures. I always hated what swimming did to my hair, though. Any tips on saving my hair the horrible chlorine damage done by regular pool visits?


    1. Get a good swim shampoo. I use TriSwim. And a very very good conditioner. I keep the leftovers from when I color my hair because that conditioner is super moisturizing. It also helps if you wet your hair before getting into the pool, and of course wash or at least rinse immediately after getting out.


      1. Swim shampoo. Never thought about such a thing! Great idea! I do wet my hair before getting in and rinse it getting out, but it still would get that “straw feeling” after a visit. So gross. Thanks for the tips!


  7. I am super obsessed with hydration so give Murray lots of warm mushy grain in the winter also (+ electrolytes at some level), but he’s also a great drinker so I’m not too worried (though he does NOT drink beer, much to my dismay). However, you can always, always tell when I’ve given Murray a really mushy mash, because he gets it literally all over his face — I’m not sure how, but it will be on his ears, in his forelock, under his cheeks… it’s adorable and super endearing to see the next morning!

    (Also, bummer about TX winter ruining your riding!)


  8. I’m a Canadian, and in a part of the county with a lot of weather extreme that change quickly (horrible weather for colic). I would like to find a place to live that has a nice mild temp (so Apollo & I don’t sunburn) but not too chilly or humid (because brrr and my hair would be giant). It feels good to complain about weather, I do it quite a bit! 🙂

    Love your new swag!


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